When Barr Drops The Hammer Will Democrats Turn on Obama?

With all of the endless chatter about the Mueller Report, the ‘Ukraine phone call’, and every other failed attempt by the Democrats to ‘Get Trump’, there is one person’s name that is never mentioned in the mainstream media: Barack Hussein Obama. In their absolutely feverish coverage of President Trump, they conveniently leave out one major fact⏤Obama was the president during the time Trump was running. If the chief narrative is that ‘Russia meddled in our election’, why didn’t Obama do anything about it?

Obama knew that Russia would be ‘meddling’ in this election, as they’ve done in every election. Kind of like he ‘meddled’ in the Israeli elections to defeat Netanyahu. It’s only ‘news’ to the bushmen of the Kalahari that the Russians are up to no good, and even they probably know.

Which of course illustrates that none of this hyperventilating about Russian meddling is about anything more than a 3-year long temper-tantrum about the Democrats having lost and an attempt to cover their own behinds. Well, that and because they know Trump is not only not your average ‘Republican’, but he’s also a ‘get back’ kind of guy who’s furious at what has been done to him over the past 3 years, actually 4 now, because it started while he was still a candidate. Trump will seek vengeance.

Obamas’ black and liberal privilege has shielded him from a lot of the scrutiny that other, more disposable Democrats would’ve received. If he wasn’t (half) black, for instance, and he’d cost his Party 1200 electoral seats across the country, which he did, he’d have been banished to Siberia. But he is (half) black, so he’s not. But with the pending Horowitz, Durham and Barr FISAGate reports coming, will that still be the case? Will the Democrats continue to shield and run cover for the grenade that is about to expose their political operations or will they throw Obama under the bus and run for safety.

Truth is, beyond the insurance companies who benefitted from Obamacare, Wall Street which benefitted from QE 1-50, and gays and transgenders, the only one who actually benefitted from the Obama presidency is Obama. And benefit he did. He’s very very rich, and likely to become a billion-dollar former President⏤this ‘Public service’ stuff pays handsomely after all. But his 8 years in the White House absolutely decimated the Democrat Party electorally, leaving them with the least amount of power since the 1930’s.

Obama might have won the presidency, but his wins didn’t translate to down-ballot victories. His arrogance precluded him from doing the type of ground-work necessary to build his party. It was all about him. He would scoff at the kind of rallying Trump does for single house races as beneath him. Plus, he made a conscious effort to discount white working class in favor of a coalition of various ‘identity groups’.

But beyond that, his perpetual and intentional racial divisiveness turned off a lot of voters, tired of being shamed and blamed for everything wrong in the country for which they were not responsible. The average coal miner in West Virginia for instance was never a slave owner or Klan member, yet they might as well have been branded as such simply because of their skin color. The Party that once claimed to care about such ‘working class people’ not only disavowed them, they impugned them as bigots and threatened to take destroy their industry & take away their livelihoods. Not the best marketing strategy in a ‘Vote for me’ campaign.

President Donald Trump, who they mocked but who won, is vexing the Left so much that they’re prepared to embark on an unfounded Impeachment process to try to get rid of him, a process that destroyed the Republicans when they did it to Bill Clinton.

It’s their Trump card, pun intended, but it may also be their Hail Mary distraction for what’s coming down the pike with the Investigation into the Investigators, i.e. Barr’s deep dive into spying on the Trump campaign, also known as #Spygate and #FISAGate. Democrats know Obama spied on Trump, and they know what else was going on behind the scenes with the lies to the FISA Courts, Comey, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper, et al. He’d targeted his opponents before after all: with the IRS against conservatives & Fox News James Rosen. Hell, he even spied on his own Democrat Senators.

The real question is whether they will stick with Obama when everything comes out and it’s shown that he not only knew about it, he directed it, a fact the lying Clapper even seemed to say on CNN when asked if he was afraid of what Barr would find, saying ‘We Did What We Were Told To Do by The President,’ (Obama). Some might say that was just an off the cuff statement of no importance or out of context, but it seemed like the first of what may be many under-the-bus tosses of Obama by the Deep Staters as the clock starts to tick and the Barr tab comes due. The thickness of thieves sometimes thins at the prospect of a prison sentence.

Democrats are more confident than they should be when they took back the House, because they wouldn’t have done it if the cowardly and selfish Republicans hadn’t resigned before the mid-terms. There were more resignations of Republicans than wins by Democrats. They’re also misreading the tea leaves and I believe, the polls. Pelosi has allowed the Bronx bullhorn Comrade Cortez, who won a total of 16,000 votes, to become the de facto Leader of the entire Democrat Party, pushing abolition of cows, cars and carbon. They ought to call themselves the ‘I hate America and want to make your life suck’ Party with the things they’re proposing.

But it is Obama, a true radical himself, who pushed the Party this far left and now openly socialist. It may not look like it on the surface, because he’s such a hypocrite with how he lives, but these are the spawn of his ‘community organizer’ roots. They too have read Marx, Zinn and Alinsky. Ironically however, they now think Obama’s too conservative. Can you imagine? The revolution always eats its own after all.

So yes, Obama’s personally popular, and yes, it’s still verboten to criticize a black liberal, but when the sh*t is about the hit the fan and you know that the guy you think is kind of ‘cool’ actually has a knife and he is poking holes in the raft you’re sitting in⏤while there are sharks swimming all around you, maybe being cool isn’t enough. Maybe in order to save the whole boat, you have to throw the dead weight overboard. Will that happen to Obama? In some ways I hope not, because I would enjoy watching the entire party ‘leadership’ get destroyed, but for the good of the country I hope so.

Obama was an incredibly divisive, destructive figure who put us back a generation on race-relations and spurred an explosion of lawlessness and chaos. It’s obvious at this point to those with eyes to see that to save the Democrat Party and indeed perhaps the country, the Obama ‘legacy’ must be destroyed. He’s the cornerstone of a nihilistic, anti-American movement bent on destroying the country, which must be cut to the quick lest it take the entire nation down with it.

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