When Proclaiming Others’ Racism Actually Exposes Your Own

Among the other noteworthy things that happened at the debacle that’s known as ‘The Cohen Hearings’ before Congress last week, was something quite significant but which received very little if any coverage in the press, details one of the most important and opportune issues of this era – Democrats boomerang on claims of racism. With all of the fake ‘hate hoax claims’ being roundly debunked, from the Covington kids to Jussie Smollett, you’d think Democrats would engage in a bit of self-reflection not only about their immediate rush to judgement in such situations, but their own history and declarations with regard to others’ behavior and motives. From Northam and Herring in Virginia, to Silverman, Kimmel. Behar and Fallon among others in Hollyweird, perhaps those who’ve appeared in blackface or Klan hoods ought not throw stones – but that never happens. Stones are thrown, virtue is signaled, and when the hypocrisy is exposed, it’s either explained away, forgiven, or simply forgotten. Liberals always get a pass.

Such is apparently the case with regard to a couple of the members of what I call the Terror Trio, the new radical Freshman in Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, (aka Sandy from Westchester – cuz she ain’t from Brooklyn!

Congressman Mark Meadows invited Lynne Patton, a black female member of the Trump Organization and now the Trump administration, there to defend President Trump against charges of racism by Michael Cohen whereupon Tlaib said, after calling Trump racist, ‘That someone would actually use a prop, a black woman, in this chamber, in this committee, is alone racist in itself.’ Meadows angrily replied, saying ‘“to indicate…that she’s coming in to be a prop, it’s racist to suggest that I ask her to come in here for that reason!”.

After this, Cortez, (I refuse to call her AOC!) took to Twitter to defend Tlaib, saying ‘Total bravery from Rashida Tlaib as she reminds the nation that tokenism *is* racism’. When asked by Charles Payne on Twitter ‘How many Black people are on your staff?’ Cortez replied: ‘We have black staff. We don’t parade them around to show the world how diverse our team is, and use that as some kind of evidence of the absence of racism. That’s what tokenism is.’ Payne replied: ‘Thanks for getting back. Its disappointing rhetoric to suggest people are paraded and belittle hiring of Black people as tokenism. Moreover, questioning their accomplishments is even more problematic’.

The next day, Patton went on Fox & Friends saying she was “not there to represent an entire race of people” but to “represent one man,” the president, who she said has done more for black Americans than past presidents’. She also later took to Instagram saying:

“Today a race card was played,” Ms. Patton wrote. “But not by Congressman Mark Meadows. But rather by those on the House Oversight Committee who sadly placed more credence on the word of a self-confessed convicted perjurer, than that of a highly-educated black woman who rose up the ranks of one of the most recognized global real-estate companies in the world, spoke before 25 million people at the Republican National Convention and now successfully oversees the largest HUD program office in the country.

“That is not the resume of a prop,” she added. Kaboom! You get em Lynne!

The original exchange in the House, the subsequent Twitter exchanges between Cortez and Payne have been forgotten in our 24/7 news cycle, but they couldn’t be more important, especially at this time of incessant race-baiting, and I pray people, particularly black people, are paying attention. In this situation, a black woman is voluntarily appearing in support of her boss and friend, President Trump, against someone who is smearing him, yet two non-black woman belittle, demean and delegitimize her as a ‘prop’ and a ‘token’, because they can’t accept her full humanity as an individual. Because in a liberal’s mind, black people are not supposed, and dare we say, permitted to think for themselves unless it aligns with their thinking.

Patton is a highly successful, intelligent, educated black woman who deigns to support President Trump and therefore it justifies these two non-black women to, by default, question her blackness. She wouldn’t be a ‘prop’ or a ‘token’ if she was authentically black, ala liberal/Democrat, right? No ‘real’ black person would support Trump, only a ‘prop’ or a ‘token’ – that is the message from these women, and from the Left in general. 

Such is the plight of pretty much every black Republican or Conservative. If you’re one of the ones brave enough to come ‘out of the closet’ so to speak, you’re demeaned and targeted for destruction, in both liberal media and the black community. Patton was brave enough to stay, as has been Ben Carson, but not without relentless attacks.

It’s a sinister preventive tactic by the Left – if a courageous runaway black person dares to either be a conservative outright, or leave the Democrat plantation, they’re destroyed to show others what will happen to them if they dare do the same. It’s literally what happened on slave plantations, now what’s happening is thought slavery. Then they criticize the administration because ‘it’s not diverse enough’. Well, you’re so vicious to every ‘person of color’ why would anyone want to put themselves in the position to be demolished like that? Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, and that’s exactly how the Left wants it – total annihilation.

People are waking up though, thankfully, and thanks in large part to the courage and fearlessness of Trump himself. The way he takes these relentless attacks and fights back inspires and emboldens others, such as the wonderful Blexiteers who are changing the course of history, amazing black conservatives such as Candace Owens who are fighting back. What is called for more than anything now is courage. Courage to ‘see’, first of all, for without seeing and understanding what is happening, you can’t fight it. Then the courage to stand up against it.

It must no longer be acceptable for liberals to ‘pull the black card’ or ‘minority card’ of people they don’t agree with. It must be fought against by ALL Patriots, understanding that only if we are UNITED can we exorcise this scourge of subversion and partisan destruction.

We have the right to say, think, and believe whatever we want as conservatives and as Americans, regardless of race, creed or orientation, and we should defend that unapologetically. And we should defend anyone who does the same. And we should fight so relentlessly that they fear the backlash they receive and will stop trying to attack us in the first place. Until then however, the culture war rages on, the race-baiting continues, and so must our resolve, and more than that, our participation, for we have a country to save which they seem hell bent on destroying. So fight on Patriots, fight on!

Image: AP

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