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Why America Needs Trump – He Pisses the Right People Off!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

He’s brash, bold, politically incorrect and often indelicate. He’s an Alpha male braggart who disrupts the delicate sensitivities of both the Left and the Right with the things he says, sometimes in a way that gives even his staunchest supporters the vapors. But he says not only what is true but what needs to be said and he has the courage to stand up to the heat he gets for doing so. And that’s exactly why I and his millions of supporters love him and why America needs him. Who is he? He’s Donald J. Trump, non-politician billionaire businessman - now President - fighting to save what his supporters and even many Democrats believe was an election stolen by Democrats, Never-Trump Republicans and even foreign adversaries in a long-planned and diabolically executed effort.

When the usual suspects in the Establishment come out against you, such as idiot Never-Trumpers Mittens Romney and Ben Sasse and perpetual war lovers like Mattis (huge disappointment he is!), you know you’re doing something right. The old phrase, if they’re shooting at you, you know you’re over the target applies to Trump perhaps more than anyone else in political history. The problem is, many people on both sides can’t tolerate the disruptive figure that is Donald Trump and for many reasons. Chief among those is money and power, but there are others.

People get set as much in their beliefs as in their ways. The Never-Trump Right despises him not only because he’s not ‘like them’, but because he’s exposed that we don’t need them to implement the conservative policies they say we need to vote for Republicans for, because they never actually implement them anyway. They liked being needed and don’t appreciate the outsider showing them up. Plus, he’s opposed to war and they love it. I mean really, really love it. The Left loves war too, when their people are in charge, but the neo-con right especially dig it.

The Left, on the other hand, has been so ensconced in their virtue-signaling and indoctrinated that America is fundamentally a racist country and that Republicans and Conservatives embody that racism, their obsession is race & identity politics. So because he ran as a Republican, naturally Trump is a racist. Never mind that just the day before he announced, he was not considered a racist. Sure, the birth certificate thing against Obama offended some, and as he was the first (half) black president, I can understand and accept that to a certain degree. But Trump is an equal opportunity offender and uses whatever tools and methods necessary to defeat his opponents. Look what he did to the field of 16 who ran against him! To this day, no American could hear the words ‘low energy’ and not think of Jeb! Bush, nor little Marco nor Lyin Ted and not think of Trump, and how handily he dispatched every one of them. Obama used dirty tricks against his opponent in the Illinois Senate and of course, look what he did to candidate and then President Trump. Politics is a dirty business. Finally, a Republican fights as the battlefield dictates.

It’s not without risk that you piss the wrong people off however, and that’s part of the reason we’re in the situation we’re in now, both with the Presidential election and with what has transpired since he became President. Perhaps foremost, it must always be remembered that there is a $4+ TRILLION trough that people want to get their hands on, all funded by you the taxpayer of course. And it’s interesting isn’t it? They hate you but they sure do love your tax dollars.

They want that money kept flowing. It’s no accident that the 5 richest counties in America surround Washington DC, it’s the ‘Cash Distribution for Special Interests’ hub. The cash and the power that comes with it are intoxicants to those with access, and there is never enough to be had. And it’s a club, a club outsiders aren’t allowed into, outsiders like Trump. Sure, he was a billionaire already and he’d written checks to, partied with and had access to most of the people who are among its ranks, but that was as a businessman, not someone who would not only be able to peek into the closets, under the beds and into the books, but someone who’d pledged to ‘drain the swamp’ and upset their gravy train.

Sadly, however, for all his bravado, he hasn’t have enough rock solid support of people around him who understood the functioning of government for him to overcome the entrenched anti-Trump bureaucracy, as evidenced by the astonishing amount of leaking, subversion and betrayal of people supposedly on his own side. The Swamp runs exceptionally deep and is murky to the extent that even when you think you know what’s below the surface there’s yet another swamp monster to replace the one you just eliminated. If there’s ever a President who will have ‘swam against the current’ in order to achieve his goal – Making America Great Again – it is Donald Trump. The problem is there are sharks facing him at every turn.

Despite all of the opposition however, he’s accomplished an extraordinary amount in a short time: a booming economy, restructured trade deals and international alliances, including forcing our ‘allies’ to contribute to their own defense. What a concept, right? It’s amazing that Cocaine Mitch has actually followed through so aggressively with confirming so many judges, (tremendous foresight on Trump’s part), though we’ll still have to see whether they are constitutionalists of just the same batch of Never-Trump ‘conservative’ establishment hacks, but still, quite a feat.

Against all odds, Donald J. Trump is truly ‘The People’s President’ and the Republican Party under his leadership and stewardship has been transformed to a multi-ethnic coalition of working class Patriots. MAGA is truly for everyone who loves the country. He’s so vexed the Left that they have lost all strategic discipline and now have dropped their masks and admit their socialist/communist goals, unheard of before 2016. He’s also exposed how feckless and indeed traitorous many Republicans have been, having also contrived to ship jobs overseas while also flooding the country with cheap labor to compete with citizen workers.

The Republicans have also exposed themselves as the country club types they’ve been portrayed as, a label heretofore denied by some. Trump has to some degree Waterboy’ed the GOP (watch the movie and you’ll know what I mean), making it truly a ‘big tent’ Party. And Shooter McGavin is not only the insane Killary Clinton but the entire Republican establishment who was just as comfortable with their status as the ‘lose with dignity’ crowd that the Democrats permit. They don’t care about us, and it’s obvious they never have. They’ve loved our donations and maybe having people admire them at seminars and cruises, but they don’t like us, obvious in the disdain they treat Trump voters with. The meme of Trump saying ‘They’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way’ is true and being proven every day.

I’m not sure what the end result of the latest coup against President Donald Trump, the Election Steal, will be, but one thing is certain, not only will the Republican Party never be the same again, if it even survives, but there will never have been any elected official in the history of the nation who has bigger balls, more courage, and more fight in him than my President Donald J. Trump. I love him, support him, thank him and am proud to have voted for him. And I hope for the sake of the future of America, that I can enjoy another four years with him as my President so we may save the Republic and Keep America Great.

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