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Why Do Democrats Hate America So Much?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

It may sound like an extreme statement to say that Democrats hate America, but really it’s not, and we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s been out there for a while now. It didn’t start when Michelle Obama said ‘For the first time in my adult life I’m finally proud of my country’, when Barack called his fellow citizens who opposed him ‘bitter clingers’, or when we found out about Barack (& Michelle) Obama’s long-time association with Reverend ‘God Damn America’ Wright and Screwy Louie Farrakhan. It didn’t start when Hillary & Biden attacked not only President Trump but his voters, calling them Depolorables and Dregs of Society respectively.

Nor did it start when the newly crowned Socialist princess of the Democrat Party, Sandy, aka Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, said that illegal immigrants ‘are acting more in an American tradition’ than the President.

No, it’s always been there with the Left, it’s just that they were smart enough not to say it, because they knew it would cost them politically. So they’ve just indulged your patriotism, your plebian belief in God, guns and religion to get your vote, while surreptitiously working to undermine and undo everything that you believe in. But they’ve taken the masks (and the gloves) off, and now are going full monty. Add to that an emboldened new freshman class of far-left radical Socialists, one of whom said ‘we’re going to impeach the mother-fu**er’, and you’re going to see not only more division in an already very divided country, but an unapologetically radical, far-left turn by the Democrat Party.

As a conservative constitutionalist, I believe in the country as founded – as a representative republic adhering to the Constitution – acknowledging that Amendments had to be added to the original document in order to remediate the shortcomings of the political, cultural and legal situation at the time of founding (slavery). Having said that, because the founders were imperfect, does that make the document itself imperfect? The document which is the greatest declaration and compact for a free society in the history of mankind? Much like parents don’t (in general) disown their children simply because they are not perfect, we shouldn’t abolish the Constitutional form of government and national history just because the founders and subsequent leaders were flawed human beings, yet that is exactly what Democrats want to do. From new calls to abolish the electoral college (because Hillary didn’t win that part of the election of course) to taking down historical statues, to redefining everything from basic pronouns to gender and biology, the Left is on a tear to completely upend the American system, and with it, the societal norms that provide the foundations for a reasonably cohesive society – family, culture, language.

It’s not new of course, this has been going on for a long time, decades in fact, but the election of Trump, having sent them completely insane, has warp-speeded the effort and now they’re not even trying to hide it. Heretofore actions have been being taken – stealthily, ploddingly, strategically – but always denied when revealed, and often with devastating unintended consequences. A recent example of ideology trumping logic for instance – If accused of trying to undermine the judicial system with lax enforcement of punishment for delinquent kids, the cry was no, you’re just being paranoid, (and of course racist) we’re just trying to make things ‘fair’ – you know, the kind of ‘fairness’ which kept Nicolas Cruz out of jail or an institution for his multiple offenses under Obama’s ‘Promise Program’? Look how that turned out.

Others, such as holding schools hostage over Title 9 funding hostage over transgender bathroom use or using Title 9 campus ‘sexual assault guidance’ to deprive male students of their constitutional right to due process and destroying their lives without recompense? I could go on and on. Whether it’s refusing to include curricula which includes the study of one religion (Christianity) while allowing the study of others (Islam, Buddhism), or punishing free speech and belief, the school system, run overwhelmingly by the Left, liberals have so successfully indoctrinated our kids and by default the society at large, that I’m not sure it will be possible to undo it. Hitler knew this – get the kids you get the future.

Add to this indoctrination of the youth the media and entertainment complex assault on all things Christian, from Piss Christ, Virgin Mary in cow dung, and the Last Temptation of Christ; prosecuting cake bakers, photographers and florists for their religious beliefs; to Hollywood actors, literally thanking Satan for providing inspiration for their roles, you have to wonder what the hell has happened to your country. It’s all part of the Left’s hatred of every single aspect of the American foundation, and they must destroy it in order to institute the ‘Social Justice’, secular Socialist ‘utopia’ they have so longed for. 

Trump hasn’t caused this insanity of course, it’s been around long before he ran for President as a Republican. He was fetted breathlessly by the Left in fact, (when they thought he was a Democrat) albeit perhaps snidely inside, for their self-perception as sophisticates doesn’t abide the garish working-man ‘new money’ style of Donald Trump. But wealth is wealth, after all, and they like rich, powerful, famous people, so they went along.

No, Trump revealed their insanity and hypocrisy, and utter contempt for the American people. And for that matter, he revealed it in a large segment of the right as well. All of the so-called conservatives sneering at you unwashed masses of Deplorable Trump supporters, the ones who’ve been kvetching about ‘conservatism’ for decades from the high tower of their donor funded ‘think tanks’ are just as bad, perhaps worse, for they were supposed to be on your side!

Make no mistake about it America, or at least you non-hysterical non-pussy-hat-wearers who may have had the absolutely unforgivable gall to vote for Donald Trump, the Left is coming after you. You represent everything they hate: your guns, your prayers, your values, even your thoughts. And of course, most of all, your vote! And yes, when I refer to ‘America’, I’m referring to you, because the small sliver of ‘reasonable’ Democrats that might remain will be rendered irrelevant when they wake up to the fact that this Socialism Frankenstein that they’ve enabled to grow and fester will eventually turn on them in due time. And in fact, it recently happened when a scheduled Women’s March – the one promoted by the America-hating Linda Sarsour who declared ‘jihad’ against President Trump – was cancelled in California because organizers felt it would be ‘too white’. The revolution always eats its own after all.

It’s you, Deplorables, who stand in their way. You with your intractable defense of that cumbersome Constitution of yours; your refusal to submit to their insane and ever-changing but always perverse cultural mores; your insistence on Free Speech. Perhaps that most of all – for Free Speech equals Free Thought and they certainly can’t have that.

No, they’re not hiding it anymore, and what elected Republicans and conservatives do over the next two years, as well as whether the average citizen understands the stakes, will determine the direction of this country for ages, perhaps forever. Demographics are in their favor, what they abort of the American citizenry, predominantly their own constituency ironically, they import from the Third World – a compliant, uneducated (and overwhelmingly Democrat) future voter base, content to depend on the government, thus keeping them in perpetual power. It’s a win-win for both R and D in the Swamp too, for it enables the R’s get their cheap labor. Neither really cares about John or Jane Doe, just John or Jane Donor. So you’re on your own Patriots, albeit with a rambunctious leader and 63 million of your fellow Deplorables. We’ll see how it goes. I guess if there’s any consolation, if it all goes to hell, at least we’ll go down fighting.

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