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Why Won’t the Republican Party Support President Trump?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REPUBLICANS? If you’re asking that question, you’re not alone, many of us are. And when I say ‘Republicans’, I don’t include President Trump in that group, because though he is the Republican President, he’s the only one it seems who is fighting back against all of the madness going on in America and the world.

Trump has demonstrated time and time again that you not only win by fighting back, but you inspire and galvanize your base when you do so. But the Republicans, with few exceptions, being their feckless cowardly selves, haven’t yet adopted that approach. For the past five years since he walked down the escalator, threw some politically incorrect MOABs while announcing his run and then all throughout his candidacy and into his Presidency, Trump has given them the playbook and they STILL fumble on every down.

Seeing all the chaos and violence happening in America at the hands of the Democrat funded and encouraged rioters and looters, including Antifa and BLM, which has been shown to be just a fundraising organization for the Democrat Party, you’d almost think that there wasn’t a Republican Senate or President. Just like between 2017 and 2019, when Republicans had all three branches of government.

If they’re not actually going to execute any of the initiatives they campaigned on; or stop the Democrats from achieving the radical objectives they promised their voters⏤then why do we work so hard to support the movement? I have a warning for the Republican Party and I hope they’re paying attention: We’re fed up with you, and we’re this close to breaking up!

I feel certain that if Trump could unilaterally stop the wars, build a wall, end illegal immigration, abolish bad trade deals & treaties, stop sex traffickers, defund Planned Parenthood, end Obamacare, strip licenses from conservative-censoring Big Tech companies, expose and convict the Coup plotters, and crush the rioters and looters and imprison them all⏤he would.

He can’t however, at least by himself anyway, he must have help, first and foremost from his own Party! That’s why it’s so despicable that he’s had so much resistance⏤not only from Democrats, but from Republicans.

I’ve been active in politics since 2008 and the candidacy of Obama. I didn’t like McCain, but I helped campaign for him, and supported Mitt Romney as well. Neither one of them excited me in the slightest bit, but I’m a registered Republican and personally conservative, and I knew what Obama meant by ‘the fundamental transformation of America’, and wanted no part of that because of what it would mean for the country, which we’re seeing clearly today is not good.

When the GOP had that major victory in the 2010 primaries, winning the House, I thought for sure they’d actually push back against what Obama was doing, but they didn’t, even after they had said give us the House and we’ll defund Obamacare. Because he was as weak then as he is now, Romney choked and gave Obama a second term, which was deflating, but we continued to work for Republicans, thinking for sure they’d do what they said if they had both the House and the Senate, so in 2014 we gave it to them, but they still did nothing.

In 2016, disgusted with the failures of the people we’d given up our money, time and effort to elect to actually do what they said they would do, we elected someone from outside the political system, in part to punish them and in part because we had nothing to lose.

We weren’t going to go with ‘please clap’ Jeb! Bush, nor were we going to take lectures from sloppy-faced pancake eater Kasich or reward Rubio’s vote for amnesty after campaigning to vote against amnesty. No, we were going to give the smack-talking, politically incorrect non-politician orange-faced wild-haired Trump a shot since all the rest of those jokers sucked! And so we did! And despite the unbelievably withering attacks against him from every angle, he’s done a great job, hamstrung though he’s been.

As we approach the 2020 Presidential election with the country looted & burned both from the rioters and the printing press, and the ballsiest President ever to hold that office still soldiering on and working hard for the Americans who voted him in, I’m here to let the Republican Party know that this really is it! You’ve already had way too many chances, but this is the last one!

I’m voting for Donald Trump for the second time as a Republican voter because he’s the candidate for the Republican Party, but you need to know that your time is short as a viable political entity if you don’t get your heads out of your behinds and start not only supporting him, but fighting for us. That means having some courage and fighting back, and understanding of the diabolical efforts of the Democrats and the Progressive Left to destroy this country.

We’re in a culture war and you act like you’re not even paying attention. We may be winning ‘elections’, but the Left is winning the WAR and killing America in the process!

So for me and likely millions of other Deplorables, this is your last chance to save the Republican Party. We’ve got the divorce papers and we’re heading to the lawyers now. We’ll take your call because we have a history together, but the car is in gear and we’re on our way.

It’s your choice how this will go: will the Party of the glorious Emancipation fade into oblivion and a new Trumplican Trumpservative Party take its place and fight the necessary war to save America, or will you gather your stones and resolve to fight to keep our relationship and in fact the country intact?

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