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Will Republicans Win Midterms In Spite of Themselves?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The national Republican Party is a smoldering pile of shit, as are the elected officials within it. And yet, although they have the world class ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they may actually win in the midterms – big. That is of course if the Democrats, who are professional vote stealers, succeed in doing what they did in 2020 and in general and the feckless Republicans fail or deliberately neglect to stop them.

At a time when polling is incinerating the installed child-sniffing dementia patient in the White House, Republicans continue to give him a lifeline. The country is being invaded at the Southern Border, but the GOP hasn’t made a peep and instead is circle-jerking over defending Ukraine’s borders in a war with nuclear-armed Russia. They’ve just passed a $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill which gives $14 billion to the corrupt country of Ukraine while not giving a penny to build a wall on our border. The level of suck these people embody is stunning – they’re worthless as tits on a boarhog.

High-heels Little Marco, the boy toy of the Gang of Eight, who looks like he needs a booster chair, and Dead McCain’s girlfriend Lindsay, of the strongly worded letter fame and scripted Kavanaugh rage, are clamoring for war with Russia so much it looks like they’re auditioning for a Republican Only Fans site. Are all of America’s problems solved? Supply chains in good shape? Inflation and gas prices at a level that’s not crushing average American families? Yeah, none of that is the case, but the Globalists in BOTH parties push for war with Russia, not only not punishing China for Coronavirus, but pushing Putin and Xi closer together. And instead of expanding and expediting drilling here, Crackpipe Hunter’s Dementia Dad, who continually bashes America, is begging some of the world’s worst governments for oil. It’s like being a PTA leader and asking the local hooker for education tips.

As the war in Ukraine heats up, devastating as it is, you’d naturally think Europe would stop buying Russian oil and ready to send their own troops to fight Russia? But no, we’re stopping buying Russian oil and talking about sending our troops over there to fight. A nuclear armed power. And Republicans are frothing themselves into a frenzy over it – send the MiGs they say - including calling anyone who disagrees with the idea Putin-stooges. The Democrats are too, and it’s a farce that they hate war, they love it just as much as the Republicans do. But we Republicans voted for President Trump to stop this shit and our elected ‘representatives’ couldn’t care less. In fact, they expose every day just how much they actually hate us.

Sure, Republicans were more than happy to get Trump’s endorsement – though I do think McConnell and Graham cheated in their races – but then went on to stab him in the back the moment they could. They mock us when they specifically vote for things we elect them to vote against and don’t for what we did, like Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. Republicans have been hurting their own citizens by collaborating with Dementia Joe, from the Infrastructure Bill, which is only 10% about ‘infrastructure’, to allowing Biden to continue his mask and vaccine mandates by not being there to vote against it because they were overseas pushing for war.

Some so-called Republicans around the country are supporting Redistricting maps which favor Democrats at worst, and not fighting it at the least. The RNC supposedly raised $200 million for election integrity and what have they done to ensure it? They haven’t done an ounce of Communications to reiterate that SIX DEMOCRAT-RUN CITIES STOPPED COUNTING ON ELECTION NIGHT. Before that, Trump was on his way to a landslide victory, after that, almost a million votes in Pennsylvania disappeared. Just imagine If it were the reverse, and it was Biden ahead and red counties stopped counting, giving Trump the win? We’d STILL be on fire.

In addition to not doing anything to stop the economic devastation, securing the border, or pushing back against war, they haven’t done anything to stop this ridiculous assault on innocent Patriots being held in the DC gulag for entering the Capital, which they pay for. They don’t care, because they wanted him gone as much as Democrats did. That’s the obvious and indisputable truth at this point.

The Republican Party in Washington doesn’t care about its own base. What’s worse, they want to punish them as much as the Left does. Lizard Cheney, Crying Kinzinger, Mayonnaise Mitt, the Turtle Mitch the Bitch all hate Trump and hate you for voting for him. Kevin McCarthy, the ‘special friend’ of Frank Luntz with that dead chinchilla on his head, isn’t much better. He’ll do one thing good, like censure Cheney and Kinzinger, then bad, like saying the Fedsurrection was an insurrection, proving he’s in on it. They’re not interested in all of the facts and evidence that prove it, because they already know what happened, they set it up. And it’s obvious they agree with all of the Never-Trumpers who, before the 2020 election said it would be better to lose the next round if it meant getting rid of Trump. The Republicans fought President Trump EVERY STEP of the way except with regard to tax cuts.

Such is where we are. We have a Dementia Patient and an idiot Affirmative Action pick as the face of the American nation. And a political party that is supposed to push back on them, but is being exposed as nothing more than controlled opposition. We’re on the precipice of a possible Depression, as politicians continue to fleece the people they’re elected to represent without a second thought. They should understand that those who are watching believe the Jacobins had some things right.

The only hope if there is any (sorry to be so fatalistic, just acknowledging our reality), is to replace these demons, and at some point hopefully prosecuting them of course. One of the ways to do that is to hyper-focus on local elections and to elect exclusively America First, MAGA, NewRight candidates, something my SuperPAC Defend American Freedom (DAFPAC.ORG) does. A way to do this and something that President Trump has come out in support of is The Precinct Strategy. ( Consider checking them both out and supporting the PAC if you wish.

The purpose of the Precinct Strategy is to put MAGA Patriots into office as local precinct committeemen and women, and in effect take over the Republican Party from within. But to show you how much the GOP despises MAGA, within five days, the Republican Party of Arizona, in which the Precinct Strategy founder Dan Schultz is a member, effectively banned it. If it stands, that is something the Establishment GOP will want to replicate across the country.

It’s not enough for Republicans to win. It’s not enough to be Republican. Hell, as I’ve said before, I hate the national leadership so much I wouldn’t even be a Republican except I have to be to vote in the primaries. What we have to do is have the right Republicans in office, and those are only MAGA, America First, New Right Patriots. People who are actually interested in our country, who believe in the America First agenda, who aren’t afraid to fight and who understand how important the culture is and how to navigate the Left’s minefield within it.

So in spite of all of how useless so many of the Republicans are, we seem to have a really good chance to win. I’ve always said we absolutely need black voters to save the country, and though the numbers are still small, hopefully that will be changing now that they’re getting hit by the intentional Bidenflation. There are some good fighter candidates like Lavern Spicer, Jarome Bell and Royce White, among others. It looks like hispanics are breaking toward the GOP, Asians as well. Though I do hate ‘identity politics’, it’s part of reality, and it’s important that the Republican Party do ‘look’ like the rest of the country.

We have a lot of work to do, the Right has been complacent on the important issues for far too long, and we’re way behind the 8-ball. And too many of our elected officials suck. In spite of this, however, the Democrats, who always go too far, are literally driving the country and the economy off a cliff, and even the most ardent anti-Republican votes their own pocketbook at the end of the day. As the Grim Reaper James Carville said ‘It’s the economy stupid’. And while a lot of the Republican politicians are stupid, it’s Democrats in charge and they who will get the blame. I guess we’ll have to see if the Republicans can actually pull it off.

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