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Will Trump and the World’s Deplorables Defeat Globalism?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The fight against the Wuhan Virus is not yet over⏤either in America or abroad; but as Pat Buchanan opined in a recent article, “It may one day be said that the coronavirus delivered the deathblow to the New World Order, to a half-century of globalization, and to the era of interdependence of the world’s great nations.”

I certainly hope that’s the case, for even as the diabolical Henry Kissinger tries to duct tape his N.W.O. project back together after having it crushed by Trump and the world’s Patriot ‘Deplorables’, it’s got as many holes in it as the Chinese reports on their coronavirus deaths!

As candidate, and later as President, Trump has always forcefully and fearlessly opposed the Globalist agenda, even as he was relentlessly called a xenophobe and racist for doing so. Somehow the simple idea that nations and borders matter and that the representatives of nations ought to actually have their own citizens as their primary concern rather than the concerns of ‘the world’ was controversial. More than that though, it was a threat to the power brokers of the aforementioned ‘New World Order’.

The marionettes in Davos, Brussels, the U.N., and K Street in D.C. as well as the suburbs of Georgetown and the Maryland counties surrounding the Capital, have gotten quite comfortable organizing the minions of the world into their own little fiefdoms.

What’s even more obvious and despicable than the globalists⏤is how the bootlicking media and their acolytes not only cheer for the President to fail, which means the country fails, but how they genuflect to Communist China, a country that has not only lied about the virus and thus endangering our citizens and those of the rest of the world, but how they treated their own.

As the so-called ‘caring’ liberals⏤that they self-profess to be, you’d think that although they seem to hate themselves and western civilization for some reason, at least they’d stand up for the subjugates of a tyrannical regime. But you’d be wrong, for their ‘by any means necessary’ philosophy means that any collateral damage is acceptable if it achieves the goal. The Left doesn’t care about people, they care about power.

However, though he’s mocked by the talking heads in the media, the Deep Staters and the Never-Trumpers, as Nadia Shadler illustrates in the far Left publication The Atlantic, they will be forced by circumstances to reevaluate that or get vanquished yet again. She writes:

“And yet even as the current emergency has proved him right in fundamental ways—about China specifically and foreign policy more generally—many respectable people in the United States are letting their disdain for the president blind them to what is really going on in the world. Far from discrediting Trump’s point of view, the COVID-19 crisis reveals what his strategy asserted: that the world is a competitive arena in which great power rivals like China seek advantage, that the state remains the irreplaceable agent of international power and effective action, that international institutions have limited capacity to transform the behavior and preferences of states.”

In any competitive arena in which Trump resides, he, and by proxy America will be the Winner! He simply will not let China win, period.

He has to be careful of course, for as we’ve learned all too painfully, previous presidents – of both parties – and our permanent political class have sold us out so grievously that we now depend on the Communist country of China to manufacture 97% of all of our drugs and medications, not to mention other items we depend on. But Trump is experienced in dealing not only with world leaders from just about every country on earth, but some of the most cutthroat business people in the world. He’s a force to be reckoned with and he’s angry, a dangerous combination for any foe who goes up against him.

Thus, this menace that is China under Xi MUST be punished, and yet, they’ve recently been appointed to a panel on the controversial U.N. Human Rights Council, where it will help vet candidates for important posts⏤despite its decades-long record of systematic human rights abuse that the U.S. has said fueled the coronavirus pandemic. The same country which wrought this devastation upon the world and which has also ‘disappeared’ and abused its own citizens in the process has a vote in determining ‘human rights’, how very rich.

The U.N. is nothing if not consistent in its idiocy. And now they want a ‘10% Global Tax to Pay for New “Shared Responsibility” Program to Address Coronavirus Pandemic. I don’t think so!

The World Health Organization isn’t any better. They’ve praised China despite their continued lying, and WHO Director General Tedros then later created an international panic and global depression when he overstated the mortality rate of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is Tedros worthless at best and complicit at worst, he now faces calls to resign, and Trump is considering withholding funding, saying:

“The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look,” he wrote on Twitter.

Whether at his Inauguration or in Poland, at Davos or at the U.N., Donald Trump has always steadfastly proclaimed America a sovereign nation, with borders and a culture and traditions that deserve defending and he has done everything in his power thus far to do so, at great political and personal cost to himself. Those who don’t share his belief in the nation-state but rather statism and globalism, have been relentless in their assault on him, dating back even to his candidacy, whereupon he was surveilled and spied on by Obama’s ‘Intelligence’ Agencies, notably Brennan, Clapper and Comey among others. And not just Americans were in on this, but Australian and British officials as well, such as Christopher Steele. That living pustule George Soros has also been not so behind the scenes, funding subversives like Antifa to wreak havoc around this country and others, all in an effort to squash the global populist uprising.

Sadly, with the coronavirus situation, the once celebrated courageous voices of the Iranian and Hong Kong freedom fighter protesters are silent once again, with the world having no idea as to their fate. The convenient silencing of dissent along with the destructive fallout of the China-originated Coronavirus is a win-win for China. They get to eliminate some of the citizens they have to take care of as well as silence the Hong Kong protesters, but they also get to help destroy the U.S. economy. I don’t think they understand however that Trump is not your typical politician and is not to be trifled with.

Yes, he’s been hobbled by the repercussions of their despicable lies, but he’s a warrior who simply does not quit and they should be frightened of his wrath. They don’t seem to understand either that with his invocation of the Defense Production Act, he can accomplish two goals; produce the medical equipment needed now, while also initiating production and manufacture of strategic supplies for the future, which by default ramps up the resurgence of generalized manufacturing and facilitates independence from China. He’s also able to illustrate that only with a businessman’s mind, not a politician’s mind, do problems get solved in a quick, efficient manner, without the usual bureaucratic red tape and delays.

So I’m sorry to the protesters that your voices are silent, but your freedom is merely on pause. Stay the course and know that the American President and freedom-loving people of the world support you. And the citizens of the world working to break the shackles of enslavement to bureaucrats in faraway places who steal the fruits of your labor while at the same time mocking you at their taxpayer-funded cocktail parties, you too will be free soon.

All of us worldwide Deplorables, to use a phrase of theirs, must ‘resist’ their Globalist hegemony over our nations and banish them to the dust-covered, tear-stained history books, and bury them with the corpses of those to whom we’ve been subservient for far too long.

The fight for Liberty is ever at hand, so stand up and fight for it. I will, for I cannot abide their dominion. Cost what it may, I’ll take Dangerous Freedom over Peaceful Slavery any day!

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