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Will Vigilante Justice Emerge Where Legal Justice Is Absent?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

If everything seems upside down to you, you’re not alone, it is. When will people in power be held accountable, even as the average citizen is being crushed by rules that those who make them don’t even follow? We have people in positions of authority that should be held to a higher standard, those elected to ‘represent’ the people under the guise of ‘public service’, committing all manner of crimes that would justify federal prison time, such as Hillary’s classified emails, but a lowly sailor in the Navy gets a year in prison for taking an picture inside his submarine. Thousands of people who committed violent crimes, including murder, and billions in property damage are called ‘peaceful protesters’ while a few citizens entered the People’s House in frustration at being rebuked in the cause of seeking electoral fairness and they’re called domestic terrorists, and because of their skin color, racist to boot.

Black people who marched in the streets in multiple locations threatening ordinary white people in a racist way were bailed out by members of the Democrat Party, including the person installed as Vice President, and called social justice warriors. But a young white man who was defending himself from attempted murder is called a white supremacist when video evidence clearly shows self-defense, and the two people he killed were white. And as of this writing, a person who was merely on the grass outside the Capitol on January 6th being held without bond because he refuses to accept the legitimacy of the Biden installation.

At the same time this is going on, we can’t put a border wall to protect the taxpaying citizens from rapists coming over the border, nor station troops there because of the Constitution’s prohibition on posse comitatus, but there are over 10,000 armed National Guard troops stationed inside the city of Washington DC, surrounded by what? You guessed it, a ‘wall’.

All of this after a year of crushing lockdowns under the guise of a PlanneDemic orchestrated by a Napoleon-complex dwarf who said it was ok to have sex with strangers but not to hug your grandparents, taxpayers getting $600 checks out of trillion-plus ‘stimulus’ bills that send more money overseas than to those who paid for it. It’s a veritable shit-sandwich – a 1984 meets Clockwork Orange with a topping of The Jerk and Groundhog Day sundae of awful.

At some point, there will reach a breaking point and those elected officials will be in trouble. They know it which is why they have the fence and soldiers around them. They’ve pushed the minions too far and they’re angry. Like pitchforks-time angry. Frankly, I’m surprised something hasn’t started already. And now the Left, who helped cheat Biden into the White House, is pissed too because just as Republican-voting Trump supporters were betrayed by their Party, Democrats, who voted for Ossoff and Warnock strictly under the premise of receiving a $2,000 check, aren’t getting what they were promised. Both Parties have screwed over their constituents and both Parties are afraid. Good, they should be.

The Democrat politicians were fine when it was you and me being beaten up in the streets, having our businesses and neighborhoods torched and destroyed, but when the anger was turned on them that’s when they suddenly decided guns and self-defense are good things. The same people who have called for defunding the police last year and put cops lives in jeopardy for almost a decade, now fawn over a cop who died (of natural causes) during the melee.

And I know many of you are saying ‘it was a set up, it was planned and not a spontaneous’, and you’re right, but still, they’re nervous. They’re flexing, yes, and they have a dangerous amount of power, but still, they know the jig is up. They’ve been exposed as corrupt frauds. They thought somehow by getting rid of Trump they’d be free of having the spotlight shone on them, but it’s just the opposite. The Trump Effect that brought all that disruption to their lives and their gravy trains, isn’t gone just because they were successful with the Steal.

That’s obvious with things such as the 3 massive Trump marches in DC since election day (over a million people), the exodus to Parler after he was kicked off of Twitter, the Reddit Rebellion, the sharing of Mike Lindell’s video despite all attempts to squash it, etc.

The Deplorables will not comply. They will not submit. They will not accept Biden as legitimate when the overwhelming evidence suggests that the election was a fraud. Even Tariq Nasheed continues to call it a ‘finesse’. You may not know him, but he’s an influential voice in the black community trying to hold Democrats accountable to their most loyal voting block. For him to say that, multiple times now, says a lot.

As if all of this upheaval weren’t enough, that demonic force George Soros, or as Glenn Beck rightfully calls him Spooky Dude, has been funding District Attorneys, States Attorneys and Attorneys General and now Sheriffs races all over the country with alarming success. Actually, not so alarming, he’s a billionaire and money runs politics. So what’s the problem with this? The people Soros is helping put into power are anti-American soft-on-crime Communists who, like him, seek to implement the social justice agenda throughout the most powerful elected offices.

It’s the mentality that San Francisco Mayor Chesa Boudin has. You know, the guy whose Weather Underground member parents went to prison for murder and who was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn? Yep, that guy. In just one example of hundreds, Boudin, a Soros installation, has a light on crime approach to crime prosecution, or rather lack thereof, whereby he stopped prosecuting all ‘quality of life’ crimes in the city, including things like petty theft, urinating and defecating in the streets, and yes, even public sexual activity. What do you think the result is? Ignoring these types of crimes, which as seen with the broken windows theory of Giuliani in NYC, begets more serious crimes, including more rapes and murders. Not to mention the city looks and smells like a drugged out toilet as all the homeless junkies relieve themselves in the street. In fact, it’s so bad that it’s harming the marine life in the Bay. So much for Democrats caring about the environment.

At the same time these Soros-funded Democrat politicians are letting violent criminals out of jails and prisons, they’re putting non-violent offenders in. You’ve likely seen some of the outrageous and absurd videos during this PlanneDemic year of people that have been arrested for playing catch in the park, surfing alone on an empty beach, or not wearing masks, even pastors at drive-in church services. It’s hard to believe they’re real but they are, and they’re infuriating. The fact that ‘law enforcement’ actually went through with the arrests is a separate issue which I’ve discussed before.

All of this adds up to a powder keg in an era already fraught with tension and division. A system like this cannot go on, and the capricious nature of prosecutions of ordinary citizens, coupled with increasing financial hardship and the hypocrisy of the elected officials who don’t even follow their own mandates is like a lighter fluid to a bonfire. People who are generally law-abiding will only take so much of this type of insanity before they take matters into their own hands. If the elected officials. law enforcement agents or judges will not deliver justice, the citizens will, come what may.

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2 Yorum

Ed Maurer
Ed Maurer
15 Şub 2021


I'm astonished at how most Americans have been going along with this mask nonsense. Sitting in my truck waiting for my wife to come out of a store, i see just about everyone wearing a mask from their car to the store; leaving the same thing, leaving the damn face diaper on while they drive-away, amazing! I'm thinking what has happened is the Left has finally put the lid on the American spirit of freedom, fair-play & courage by their years of brain-washing our young people, they've been in it for the long-game, and it appears to have paid-off. Sad to see is all I can say, but I'll not be a player in this "Brave New World" (c…

Brooke Talks
Brooke Talks
26 May 2021
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Sorry Ed, just seeing this now. !00% correct. it's pure insanity. Maybe with the little garden gnome Fauci being exposed, the hypnosis will wear off. Our side has been way to complacent though, and now that they are so entrenched, we're going to have to fight our way out. Hope it's not too late. God help us!

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