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'Woke' Corporate Fascism: Democrat Allies Tyrannize America

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Oh, you thought your vote actually mattered minions? That’s so cute. No, not only does your vote not count because Democrats arbitrarily changed voting laws under the premise of the Coronavirus (and any opposition to that is racist). But also, politicians don’t even need to pretend anymore, they’ve outsourced their authority to their Leftist partners in unelected Corporate Woketopia. You find it curious that Congress just lets JoeBama sign every Executive Order under the sun to cripple any semblance of America First policies? Why would you? And why wouldn’t they? And if you thought the Republican Party has your back, you’re even more naïve. Ted Cruz is right now going after the MLB instead of the Big Tech Companies that are taking HIS OWN VOTERS off of social media. No, they’re all on the same team and this way they still get to go to the cocktail parties, the Republicans too by the way, lest you be confused and think that they stand for anything either. No, the Communists in Congress and their so-called conservative ‘opposition’ are all on the same team. As Carlin said, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

It’s almost amusing to watch Republicans like Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan hammering Rasputin wannabe Jack Dorsey or that AI Cyborg Jeff Zuckerburg about censoring conservatives. At first you actually thought it would amount to something, and it felt good to see them get lit up. But after a while, as more and more of Republicans own base are tossed off Twitter and Facebook, and deplatformed and demonetized from Google and YouTube, they’re not only seeing that the GOP is essentially worthless to them and wondering why they should even vote, but also, that despite all of their protestations to the opposite, it’s the LEFT that’s actually fully in bed, to a pornographic degree, with Wall Street and Big Business.

It’s been a complete fallacy that the Republicans were the Party of Wall Street, for a long time anyway, as Obama, a far-left Democrat and at the time the Senate’s most liberal senator, received the most donations from Wall Street of any candidate in history. Sure, he was half black and it was historic, but his ‘fair share’ and ‘spread the wealth’ comments should’ve spooked markets but instead it was the opposite. It doesn’t make sense on its face considering that Democrats always talk about ‘breaking up the big banks’ and regulations. It does though when you see the actions they take, which are none. In fact, as I’ve written about before, Eric Holder, the self-proclaimed ‘wingman’ of Obama, didn’t prosecute a single banker from the housing crisis, which decimated many people’s savings and retirement and let to the collapse of such companies as 164 year-old Lehman Brothers. A collapse that was brought on by Democrat policies like the Community Reinvestment Act which mandated that people who couldn’t afford houses nonetheless ought to be able to own them. They talk a good game, they get shaken down with indulgence payments that go to Democrat causes and all’s right with the world. That’s how it works in ‘the system’.

Another fallacy is that Democrats are the Party of ‘working people’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, perhaps they used to be, at least for the sake of union dues and ensuring corporate shakedowns, but it’s not anymore. In fact, they hate working people. Sure, they use the plight of working people to push their agenda, just as they always use black people, particularly dead black people, but they don’t actually care about them, well, the poor ones anyways. The only time they care about poor people is election time. Think about it, if they actually cared about the poor people in the cities they ‘govern’, they’d actually improve their lives instead of let them degrade into violent hellholes or filthy homeless encampments, which is what every Democrat city is. Take your pick. You either have astonishing numbers of poor black people murdering each other, such as in Chicago or Baltimore, or blocks of white blue-haired meth and heroin junkie homeless, as in Seattle and San Francisco. Why would they though? Poverty creates Democrat voters. More poverty, more power. It’s simple math. Well, before math became racist that is.

So as I was saying, the Democrats have become the party of the uber-wealthy According to Insider magazine, ‘Financial-services firms and trade associations, as well as their employees, spent a record $2.9 billion on campaign donations and lobbying in the 2019-20 election cycle’ and that ‘The sector spent around 2.5 times more money on electing President Joe Biden than it did on reelecting former President Donald Trump, the data showed.’ It says something when the people who run the financial industries are voting overwhelmingly for one side over the other. Even liberals have lamented the shift of Democrats from the ‘working class’ to the party of the rich and ‘elite’. Bernie, a beneficiary of guilty white liberals, complained that Democrats ‘had become the party of coastal elites’, (from his 3rd home of course, to which he flies private), Bill Moyers the same as well as many liberal publications. Yet and still, their most loyal voters have no idea this has happened, because it isn’t reported on CNN or MSNBC, which means it’s not ‘news’ dontcha know!

Sure, unions still make up a large percentage of the Party, but it’s now firmly the liberal elite party, and in fact now, with President Trump’s efforts and much to the chagrin of the country club Republicans, it’s the Republican Party that is the party of the middle class and American worker. Must be because they recognized Trump was the only one who didn’t actually hate them.

It’s concerning to anyone paying attention then, that recently, 100 corporate leaders met in a first-of-its-kind meeting to discuss state voting laws after the Georgia legislature passed their recent voting law, which, ironically is less stringent that Biden’s home state of Delaware’s voting laws. But not only do Democrats not let get facts get in the way, because they own the media, facts don’t matter, only emotion, and they get away with creating false narratives to smear their opponents. All Big Bertha Abrams, who is just angry that she won’t be able to cheat so easily anymore like they did in the 2020-2021 elections, has to say is that the Georgia voting law was racist and everyone fell dutifully in line to defend themselves, including Republicans, which are being shown ever more to be as useless as tits on a boarhog, but that’s another story and another article. Coca Cola might be committing suicide by being one of the first to stand out against it, and the MLB (the last ‘pro-American’ sport sadly) is moving the 2021 All Star Games and Draft out of Atlanta. Everyone applauded until they realized it would cost Atlanta residents, majority of them black, $100 million in revenue. Way to go guys, kill black-owned businesses under the guise of protecting black people’s right to vote, which was never under threat. Brilliant.

So yes, we’re officially in an oligarchy now under the Biden installed junta. A country where state-approved corporations can arbitrarily discriminate against their political opposition and not only brand them with false and destructive smears, but essentially de-person them from the ability to either speak freely or make a living online. It’s no accident that many of the Obama administration are on the Boards of many of these companies, and are now not only dictating policy but also content. Yep, the fundamental transformation is going to happen by hook or by crook and there isn’t a thing that will be done about it, certainly not by Establishment Republicans.

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