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GOP RINOs Who Continue to Run

As we enter the final month of 2023 many states are on the verge of setting their Presidential Primary slats. For Florida, the state parties must report and file with the Secretary of State, its list of its presidential candidates to be placed on the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) by November 30, 2023. What makes the forthcoming 2024 primary different from those of the past, simple. At this point, Donald Trump holds a 40-50 point lead in nearly all 50 states and U.S. territories. This has never before occurred in U.S. history. And Trump’s lead is solid and unwavering, and growing ... yes, it continues to grow. President Trump’s lead has not dropped, anywhere.

Effective immediately, the strategy of the state GOPs of the 50 states and American territories, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) should be one candidate, with the full force of the Party and Republican voters behind one candidate.

So, there is a concern, actually, a major problematic concern, it’s a major systematic and even a psychosomatic problem within the Republican Party. It has to do with GOP leadership, the mindset, the focus, and the principles and integrity of its leadership and the leadership is working against both the leading candidate and America. It's working against “saving America.”

It actually by its lack of action, and its failures to counter the radical-left, in turn are actually enabling the opposition and allowing for dividing the Republican Party. With the Soviet-style weaponization of our Intelligence Community, law enforcement, and lawfare against President Donald Trump and the MAGA movement -- the truth about January 6th, labeling Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and fascists, and the "FACT" that 2020 was stolen, the Marxist Democrat-left Communists belligerently occupying the White House and essentially Washington, DC for the last 3-years, while destroying our nation. The GOP and the RNC as a party have done “NOTHING.” Without a single challenge to the outcome of the 2020 Election, the Ronna McDaniel and the RNC has essentially accepted and condoned the sealing of the election and the installation of Joe Biden in the White House -- the true certification of the "Federrection."

Within the GOP, at this point and time, any "Republican" candidate that is still selfishly running for the Party presidential nomination, with absolutely no chance to win, is a traitorous RINO, controlled by the treasonous Globalist UNIPARTY Establishment. This is all on RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and the GOP RINO wing of the Party.

Again, understand, this year, 2023 and next, 2024, is not politics as usual, this is not a normal presidential election nor election cycle. We are dealing with the consequences of multiple unlawful and unconstitutional impeachments in 2019 and 2020, an illicit and unconstitutional stolen election in 2020, and the illegal and unconstitutional instillation of fraudulently claimed winner of the election. All this was in fact the actual "insurrection" ... not the protest events at the Capitol.

We are now approaching the forthcoming PPP, with a clear unquestionable designate as the leading candidate for the Republican Party.

Now is not the time for selfish and greedy ambitions, both on the part of the candidates and the RNC and GOP to continue to stay in the race. Of course, as is the case with the other GOP candidates, despite being 40 points+ downrange from Donald Trump, are being forced by the RNC and by those who own and controls them (big donor political handlers) to attempt to use the primary as a tool and apparatus to defeat President Trump.

If you are not fully behind defeating the Communist Democrat Party and its destruction of America, you are a facilitator and enabler to downfall of America. And don't even think about arguing the point. Don't even!

Now is the time to rally around the America First MAGA leadership during this WAR to save our Constitutional Republic and take our country back!!!!!!

So, anyone who isn't ... is a TRAITOR!

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