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Would Trump Ever Pick Ramaswamy as a VP Running Mate? NO! Here’s Why …

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

There has been some concern and debate regarding the recent article published in the publication "Just the News" suggesting that "President Trump was open VP Vivek as a potential VP selection. It appears that this may have been taken out of context and over zealously exaggerated by the article as written.

Let me offer some insight on what was actually said, by President Trump about Vivek Ramaswamy.

I offer this analysis because it is important to understand the context and actual, and specific words used both by President Trump and the article's writer. In the high-speed information age, we are in, where we are bombarded with stories and narratives, it's critical to be aware of what and how statements are both being made and the context in which they are being presented. Much is "Editorialized" for a reason.

Both the political Left and Right use various methods to disseminate fact and truth or false and untruthful narratives to convey a message. We are in an era of what has been deemed and called, "Fifth Generation Warfare" or 5GW for short, where information and messaging are weapons being used against people's minds. I teach this in my 5GW program, on how to analyze and discern truth, fiction and lies and bullshit.

Citizens and voters need to be able to understand and grasp the meaning and context of what and how is being said. Be it Misinformation, Disinformation, Psychological Operations (PSYOP), Propaganda, Deception, a Distraction or a Misdirection Play.

That being said, regarding the Just the News article, taken on face value of what President Trump said, here's my analysis, according to what was stated and described.

First, it’s really a 'strained' stretch. Understand that President Trump was both careful and precise in his choice of words in his description of Vivek Ramaswamy, but in answering the question, he never said "VP," those words did not cross his lips. That narrative was implied by the reporter and article's editors to coach the reader into thinking Trump would/ will consider Ramaswamy as a VP pick.

Trump is always calculating and very shrewd when he defines and compliments people. Much is based on timing and current relationships with people, either pro or con. Trump does so to ensure he is on level playing field with every political leader, politician, and heads of state (at least to ensure they believe that) -- we've seen this with both political opponents and adversaries, be it, McConnel, McCarthy and many Democrats, as well as Xi Jinping, Kim Jung Un, or Putin.

In this case, Trump didn't say any negative things about Ramaswamy like he does about DeSantis "DeSellout" and Chris Christie (using fat shaming). Why, because for one, they crossed the line politically with Trump, they chose adversarial relationship as well as betraying Trump. Trump knows when to be critical and when it's time to slam his opponents. Remember too, the single biggest principle with Trump is about "loyalty" which is a big part of his character. Being critical is one thing, but "betrayal and disloyalty" is a bridge too far with Donald Trump.

Also realize and remember, Trump called DeSantis, "Desanctimonious and Meatball" long before anyone understood what was actually going on. Trump knew long before that DeSantis was being disingenuous. Particularly after Trump saved his political neck in 2018. DeSantis ignored the favor and turned-on Trump around May 2022. I know this all too well, I recommended to the White House in June 2018, to have Trump formally Endorse Ron DeSantis (in Tampa) for Governor of FL, and then worked the planning and hosting of the event. I also served as the emcee.

Another thing to realize and understand about President Trump is that he always is three-five moves ahead -- he plays 5-level chess, well. And he knows not to reveal his hand, playing coy, aloof, and or appearing unaware. He's totally aware. It’s obvious Trump was being coy with Vivek, he doesn't need to slam him, he of course knows Vivek's not even in contention, nor is he a threat. At the same time, Trump saying complimentary pleasantries about Vivek, both serves as both a necessary deception and a distraction and is also a defensive move by Trump. It essentially forces Vivek to not be critical or say negative things of Trump. It forces pundits to write confusing articles, perhaps such as the Just the News, piece we're referring to. Understand, Trump gets it, he knows how to manipulate and take the media down rabbit holes, or over analyze something he "didn't say."

Secondly, President Trump said good things, noting that Vivek would be good, at something, without saying what. That's a strategy Trump uses, and so again, he will not criticize Vivek at this point. Plus, right now Trump sees Vivek as an obstacle against DeSantis. With DeSantis dropping and by giving favorable commentary to Vivek he forces the battle between DeSantis and Ramaswamy. It also walls off the other GOP candidates.

Third, and most importantly, Donald Trump's not stupid, and as I said, he is shrewd. Look ... he knows everything about Vivek. He may not reveal it, there's no reason for him to do so now. Let the media, political pundits and talking heads, and you voters vet Vivek. I can guarantee, Trump, certainly knows that Vivek is a Soros/WEF plant. Let that gradually be exposed over the coming months. Right now, as noted, in Trump's way of thinking, Vivek serves a purpose in the political challenge, early in the GOP Primary race phase.

So, let's look at Vivek. First, Vivek's sucking-up to Trump is part of his effort to distract from what we already know about him. This is critical, the lid is being lifted on him. He needs to dispel and distract the public and the media, and put distance between his himself and the negative exposure to him being a Globalist, his ties to Big Pharma, Soros, and WEF, and his positions; pro-Climate Change, pro-choice/abortion, gun control, etc. At the same time, his efforts are to try and or certainly hope he can get something from Trump in exchange for being faux suck-up in order to get inside a Trump administration.

My take, based on my analysis, that if he can get a tier-1 job, he then, once on the inside, he would essentially be another Barr, Pence, McConnell, Milley, and another one of the many who disingenuously served and worked against Trump on the inside in his first term. Especially Pence and AG Barr.

Realize, most of big gun, big name Republicans that are in a position to get a key position in a Trump administration, don't really support Trump, but they are in fact, actually trying for positions in a next Trump White House. Again, for obvious reasons -- to get in, in order to sabotage Trump. Such as Nikki Haley.

So, essentially, not a single current Republican candidate running, is actually running for POTUS. They're running for VP, or a tier-1 cabinet post. They're solely trying to get a Trump nomination in order to get inside and sabotage Trump.

President Trump's loyalists are the grassroots supporters, "us," they are not in the ranking GOP circles, particularly those in positions to serve as senior cabinet officials. I'm not talking about those close to Trump in Congress, i.e., Gaetz, MTG, Donalds, Rosendale, etc. They won't serve in a Trump White House -- they are up for reelection in 2024, and Trump needs them in Congress. The few loyalists in positions, with experience, are those like Mike Flynn, attorneys Jeff Clark and Mike Davis, etc.

The take away, is that Donald Trump is master of the media. He knows the game, the nuances, the strategy and tactics and he knows what we in the military understand; OPSEC - operational security. Never let the enemy, your adversaries, opposition and in many cases your friends and supporters what your plans are, and strategy is. Donald Trump knows what to say when and he knows when to hold them and when to show them. This is how he rolls. Everyone needs to be cognizant, be aware, and be educated on what people say, how they say it, what you hear, and what you read. This is the high-speed digital informational age and the information war environment we are in. Good luck.

Jim Waurishuk

Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Former Chairman,

Hillsborough County (FL)

Republican Party

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