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America First Isn’t Racist, It’s Rational Self-Preservation

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

You think everything Trump does is racist, we get it, now can we please move on and have a rational conversation about citizenship and national sovereignty? Of course, I don’t believe that Trump is racist, but it seems that only when you acquiesce (even if mockingly) to this ridiculous idea that Trump’s America First policy is racist can you get liberals (and Never Trumpers) to stop shrieking for a second.

What’s the first thing a flight attendant does when explaining what to do with the air mask? They tell you to put your own on first, before you attempt to help anyone with theirs, namely your children. Why? Because you can’t help anyone else if you’re unconscious or dead. Pretty simple, right? Well, that’s the same principle President Trump is operating on. First because he’s a Patriot, and second, because we’re in serious trouble in America. From trade & fiscal policies, which have hollowed out manufacturing and the middle class and racked up $21 trillion of debt while enriching in particular the country that has 5 times the population we have, China.

To unfettered illegal immigration including these organized caravans of illegals, one of whom is an admitted attempted murderer; to domestic issues such as political, racial and socioeconomic division, which, especially since his election, have been brought to a dangerous tenor. Socioeconomic division – and the subsequent opioid crisis – which has been a direct result of these trade and immigration policies I might add. There’s a small window of time to be able to get these issues righted before either the country forgets how bad Democrats are & puts them back in charge, or before it’s past the point where we can fix it. Trump’s got to act quickly.

Conservatives like myself should be very happy with President Trump’s record, too. He is actually outpacing Reagan in terms of conservative accomplishments, at this time in his presidency, and that’s saying something about a businessman from Queens who spent his whole life doing business in Manhattan. Yes, he’s doing some things like tariffs that are considered ‘anti-conservative’ and have the pearl-clutching think-tankers squealing, but it’s as a negotiating base for future deals. And it’s already starting to have an effect on China’s economy, and will likely bring them to the table.

We need to make things in America and harvest our own natural resources, and both Democrats and Republicans have sold out the country to their donors and business partners in China, et al, and Trump and his team are working on overcoming and reversing that. It’s bumpy, uncomfortable, and scary – the stock market has had a very tumultuous couple of weeks – but it’s necessary. China in particular is about to eat our lunch, and likely would have been already through dessert with any other American president.

In addition to trade, the other major issue Trump was elected on is immigration, and perhaps even more so. For decades since the 1965 Kennedy Immigration Law, we’ve seen the country change in ways that have not unified us, but rather balkanized us – creating tension because of lack of assimilation and unshared cultures & languages. And if you say anything about it you’re called a racist. Even questioning if unlimited immigration from any country is in our best national interest is verboten, but especially when you ask it about poor and uneducated people from third-world countries who will likely end up on welfare with their multiple children, welfare that you and I have to pay for.

Don’t we as taxpaying citizens have a right to protest that? (and why should children of illegals get in state tuition when your kids don’t? Thankfully, Trump says it anyway, and now he’s got them going crazy because he’s talking about using and Executive Order to end birthright citizenship. Seriously…what other President would have the audacity to say that?

Simple economics dictates the greater the supply, the lower the cost, and with the seemingly never-ending supply of cheap labor either sneaking into or being imported into this country, is it any wonder wages have remained stagnant? And at the risk of being redundant, when you bring in people who will work for less than citizens at low wage jobs, you diminish the opportunity of those citizens to get their ‘first job’ and get the experience that sets them up for future success.

So if you’re a young man without a high school or college degree for instance who can’t get a job, perhaps you resort to illegal methods of making money, get caught, go to jail, and create a vicious cycle of failure and hopelessness. Add the societal devastation of increasingly fatherless homes, multiply that by the thousands and that’s the situation many of our inner city youth face for instance. Trade and immigration have direct ties to these situations.

The coastal ‘elites’ and Hollyweirders sneer at you for loving your country, your flag and your anthem, because they’re so ‘enlightened’ and ’sophisticated’. But just in case you forgot, let me remind you of all those oh so woke celebrities who were crying over the refugees and (Obama’s) ‘kids in cages’, and tell you how many of those oh so ‘caring’ multi-millionaires has actually adopted even a single one of them – that’s right, the same number of pounds I’ve lost this week – ZERO! Yep, because when you’re a liberal, ‘caring’, or saying you care, is sufficient to get approving looks from the Left while you double check to make sure your ADT is up to date, and you’ve paid your bodyguards. (remember ‘N.I.M.B.Y.? They don’t have to deal with it).

Of course when you’re a rich Hollyweird or media liberal you can afford to pay for these things, because you don’t depend on a manufacturing job that’s been upended to Tijuana or Taiwan. And isn’t it interesting none of those white liberals said they were moving to Oaxaca instead of Ontario? (Hint – we all know the reason).

No, America has a right to defend her borders, and have requirements for the people who enter this country, as do the taxpayers funding it’s operations, and in fact all but about 5 countries have that policy. We as citizens have a right to expect our elected officials to adhere to our demands, and we’ve been showing them over and over via our vote that we don’t want amnesty and that we want to secure the borders, and know exactly who’s in our country, just as they and all of the mockers would want to know who’s in their house.

We have a right to have trade deals that favor our workers, and our country, rather than increasing the standard of living for every other with whom we engage. Those elected politicians report to US, and we voted for America First, which is why we voted for Trump. And we expect them to help enact his (our) agenda and adhere to our demands, or we’ll vote them out.

We must make sure our own house is in order before we can consider cleaning out another’s, for Charity begins at home. America First.

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