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Why DeSantis Won’t Get My Vote

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

I was very happy to vote for Ron DeSantis for Governor in 2018, over Adam Putnam in the primary and definitely over that bisexual crackhead freak Gillum in the general. I was at the rally in Tampa, where my radio show cohost Colonel Jim Waurishuk, Hillsborough GOP Chairman and event Emcee, introduced and President Trump endorsed Ron DeSantis, the primary thing that helped him win. DeSantis wasn’t a very good speaker or debater, but he was conservative and wasn’t an open borders guy like Putnam or a Democrat Communist like Gillum. With him I figured my home state would be safe for at least four more years.

Since that time DeSantis seemed to do a good job, and most importantly, stood with President Trump regardless of how The Establishment kept coming after him. Why does that matter, because I’m a Trump cultist? No. And I’m not. I have my criticisms of him. Yes, I like his style and support him over any other candidate, but it’s mostly because he’s the one the Establishment hates. I hate them and they hate him, so that’s why he’s my guy. And because it takes courage – sorely lacking in the Republican Party – to stand up for the person The System hates and attacks, so whenever any elected Republican stands up for the agenda I voted for – MAGA/America First – and by proxy, President Trump, founder of the MAGA movement, I’ll support them. But it’s not because they’re standing up for Trump per se, it’s because it shows they’ll stand up for me, like he has. DeSantis had been doing that.

There’s a great meme out there of Trump saying ‘They’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way’, and I believe that. The System hates us America First, freedom loving Patriots. They hate that we expect anything from them, especially to implement the policies they campaign on. And sadly, the ‘they’ includes most of the Republican Party, something that’s been exposed since Trump came along to shake up their world. He’s shown them to be frauds and the Grand Old Party to actually be the COP – Controlled Opposition Party. And they really hate the fact that we still support him even after all they’ve done to try to destroy him. They don’t understand that he’s not a saint to us, he’s more of a figurehead, a leader who refuses to give up against the Communist onslaught on the country; someone who gives them the finger on our behalf. As Rush said, the media can’t separate Trump from his supporters, only Trump can. They’ve tried, yet we’re still here.

That’s why it was so disappointing when DeSantis announced he was running for President, after Trump had already announced. To me, it showed a stunning lack of loyalty, not only to the person who helped him get the office he holds, yes, but also to me as a Florida voter. It showed that when Crist asked DeSantis in the debate if he’d be running for President and he said no that he was lying. To me, to all of us. That he knew then that he had already decided to sell Florida voters – who need a strong Governor to keep the state free – out for his own ambition. Basically screw Florida, I wanna be President. Worse, DeSantis took money from hardworking taxpayers who donated to him for his Governor’s race, the whole time knowing he’d be running for President. He’s now transferred that state money to his Presidential campaign account. I want a refund.

More than his disloyalty to Trump, was his behavior as Governor, when he waited over a week to say anything about the atrocious raid on President Donald Trump’s estate and when he did, it was not only a mealy mouth response, but he took a couple of shots at him in the process. Trump’s a Florida resident. It could have been you or me. It was petty of him and unbecoming. And yes, Trump can be a jerk, but as Little Marco learned, you can’t out jerk the chief jerk. And while I personally like Trump’s style and don’t care if he’s a jerk, even if he is, when we’re facing an invasion and nuclear war, if it’s between a mealy mouth politician and a dickish strongman, I’m going for the latter. Feelings about bad words are irrelevant when the bombs drop. And that’s where we’re headed.

DeSantis also flip-flopped on the Ukraine War, something I’m vehemently opposed to, as are most Republican voters. When Tucker asked all the candidates (& potentials), what their position was, he initially said it was a territorial dispute and we shouldn’t be involved. (He hadn’t announced yet). Then two days later, after he obviously got the call from the donors, he said scratch that, we need to be engaged and involved. DeSantis’s campaign manager is a huge proponent of the Ukraine war, so no wonder. It’s quite telling that ALL of the neo-cons love DeSantis, and that Paul Ryan, notorious Trump hater, was his mentor in Congress. Also, that he’d sided with Ryan against Trump’s border and immigration policies. Unlike Dementia Joe, President Trump was actually following the Constitution and didn’t appropriate money for it, because it’s Congress’s job. Remember after all, Jeb! called it an ‘act of love’ to illegally invade the country. Now, thanks to DeSantis donors’ demands, there’s no secure border. But the prancing Zelensky sure got his cash.

These are some of the reasons he wouldn’t get my vote for President in 2024 or even for any office in the future. He’s shown his loyalty doesn’t lie with me or other voters in his state, but to himself and preserving the old established order; his donors demand it. The Establishment doesn’t hate him, and for me that’s a problem, because I know that whoever or whatever the UniParty doesn’t oppose is something I don’t want, and something that’s not good for America. We simply cannot go on with business as usual: open borders, forever wars, endless spending, and the continued Communist assault on the country. Therefore, I’ll be voting for Trump in 2024, and pray it’s a fair election unlike the last time. Hopefully Ron’s friends haven’t gotten us in a nuclear war by then.

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