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New Right Conservative Boycotts Broke ‘Pride Month’ 2023

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Give yourselves a hand Conservatives; you’ve won a serious battle in the fight against the Alphabet Mafia tyranny. Because of your efforts in boycotting companies and voting with your dollars, they’re now scared of pissing you off in June for their sin month of ‘pride’. Think about it, never again will corporations and even government institutions prepare to ‘celebrate pride’ without thinking about the protests that will happen. You did that. That’s an incredible victory you should give yourselves credit. And perhaps most importantly, it wasn’t the boomers or the standard Republicans who made that happen, it was the NEW Right group of fighters and Twitter activists. If saving the Republic is still possible, they’re the ones who are the only hope of doing so.

In what I call, the reverberations of Trump & Trumpism, younger conservatives have balls and aren’t afraid to fight. It used to be where Democrats, a vicious but effective fighting force, could throw any manner of slander at conservatives and they’d back down, ever afraid to be called racist or any other –ist or –obic name, always operating from a defensive position as if the smear were true. The NEW Right conservative activists know that not only are you going to be called names anyway, so don’t worry about it, but to throw the smear back in their face. As Jesse Kelly says, calling out their hypocrisy is useless, because they have no shame, so when they call you a racist, call them a pedophile. They don’t expect anything but defense from you, so this offensive tactic will put them on their back foot.

Whatever you do, don’t be defensive. You can never appease the Woke Mob, something Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass learned firsthand. He’d Tweeted his completely legitimate & First Amendment supported free speech in support of the boycott of Bud Light & Target, the latter for their despicable targeting, pun intended, of little children with ‘pride’ merchandise. Children. Then he got the forced apology call, which he promptly did, saying he’d agree to literal ‘reeducation’ in an effort to save his job. It didn’t work, they dropped him anyway. Despite his groveling, he gained nothing but humiliation and loss of respect from those who he was otherwise supporting.

Unlike Bass, Call of Duty gamer Nick Mercs, who has 4 million followers, did not apologize for his actions against the groomers. In response to a Tweet condemning the Armenian Christians in Glendale California protesting tranny ideology in schools, Mercs simply Tweeted in response “They should leave little children alone..That’s the real issue.” For that bit of logical free-thinking heresy, Call of Duty removed Mercs bundle from their store. This move by Call of Duty outraged many, leading to massive support for Mercs and the hashtag #CallOfGroomers. That’s how battle works. They fire missiles at you, you fire back. For too long, the Right has merely rolled over, letting the Left win, and apologizing for being alive. What these Alphabet tyrants are doing is WRONG and saying so is righteous. And in an admirable show of solidarity with Nick Mercs, fellow COD gamer TimTheTatman’s asked to have his bundle removed. Andrew Bass (& Republicans) could learn a thing or two from this level of integrity, namely don’t be a cuck & stand up for your rights.

The Old Right Conservatives, who haven’t actually ‘conserved’ a thing, have failed to understand the Left. We, as is our nature, just want to be left alone to live our lives. They’re the exact opposite, as tyranny dictates. We’ve abdicated the culture, which is why they own everything now, from schools to churches to corporations, even the U.S. Military. Speaking of which, remember when the Democrats were supposedly anti-war? They were only joking. They love war as much as the neo-con Republicans, they just prefer when it’s their guy calling the bomb strikes. In fact, Obama isn’t just the Drone King, both for his bombs but his delusional self-appreciation, but he started twice as many wars as Bush. But I digress.

So here we are, where The Liberal Communist mind-virus has infected every single institution in America and we’re behind the 8-ball, so much so that I’m not sure we’ll be able to turn it around. We’re in a Culture War, on a battlefield the Left has all its players already in position while we’re scrambling to simply field a team. As Breitbart said and the Marxists understand, politics is downstream from culture, and the politics reflect the perversion of the culture. You have gay marriage because you had Will & Grace on tv. You have drag queens in libraries because you first had Ru Paul on tv. I could go on, but you can see for yourselves. Lucy & Ricky were married and they slept in separate beds on their show. Now you have Brian Williams daughter getting her behind attended to on HBO. I remember when they used to blur breasts on cable. Now they show anal sex.

What is the goal of all this sexualization of children? It’s to normalize pedophilia, which I wrote about In my article on the subject. ( The Left always couches acceptance of its perversions in ‘tolerance’, but nevertheless, they’re perversions. They also say the Right are conspiracy theorists and would likely say the premise of my article is ridiculous. But they’ve confirmed my theory with the fact that not only is there actually a pro-pedophilia flag and they’re not hiding their support of what they call MAPs, or ‘Minor Attracted Persons’. There was even a Tweet by someone during ‘pride’ month which celebrated all the groups in their alphabet coalition, ‘including MAPs’. Twitter flagged it, but it’s real, I saw it. The next letter will be P, and mark my words, the next after that will be B for bestiality. A Democrat lawmaker and Clinton donor was arrested just this week for having sex with his dog.

I wish it hadn’t gotten this far askey, but thank God there is a backlash against this insanity, and the NEW Right, which understands culture, is fighting back and we’re having some victories. Christian rapper Bryson Gray’s song Reclaim The Rainbow is #1 on the charts, many of the corporations have muted or even removed their ‘pride’ merchandise, many very early on in the month. Bud Light has been destroyed and will likely never recover because of its ridiculous collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney. Target is losing major market share. Even lefty bastion Starbucks is taking their rainbow stuff down. Sure it wasn’t only conservatives boycotting, especially with Target, which outraged all types of people. But for the most part it was our willingness to target, marginalize, and stay vigilant against companies like Bud Light & Target that made the biggest mark. The White House even apologized when one of their tranny freak invitees flashed his breasts on the WH lawn. They never apologize, so by doing this we know we have them scrambling.

Whereas we usually lose focus, we continued with these boycotts and protests in a way we didn’t when the NFL showed us how much they hate us with the kneeling crap. We have their attention and even their respect, as was evident in their acknowledgement that the protests against the grotesque tranny nun event at the Dodgers pre-game ‘pride’ event had more people outside against it than inside in support of it. These are battles won in a long-haul war that we’ve only just engaged in and while enjoyable, they are not ultimate victories, we must HOLD THE LINE & stay the course! After all, they still have a man dressed as a little girl helping little girls try on dresses at Disney World.

It should be understood that they always move forward, and so must we. Their Marxist ideology must be defeated and destroyed, lest our country descend into a full Communist hellhole from which we can never recover. At least we must fight it to the end and give No Quarter to those seeking to destroy it. Let them know they will no longer be able to fuck with us, with our kids, or with our country without every type of pushback possible.

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