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Why the UniParty Establishment Hates Tucker Carlson

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Why does the UniParty hate Tucker Carlson so much? Because Tucker is supposed to be one of them and they feel betrayed. He should be part of the white liberal club of the DC and coastal elites, but he’s not, he’s a conservative. And not only is he a conservative, but he knows them, he knows what they’re about and is not only willing but eager to expose them. He’s tantamount to an apostate who must be destroyed, and like Muslims do to their apostates, the Left and the UniParty have a fatwa on his head.

Tucker is handsome, smart, rich (he’s a Swanson foods heir), grew up in tony neighborhoods in LA & DC; he, like them, is well bred, well read, well fed and well wed - a typical upper crust WASP. Having spent most of his life among the most powerful in Washington, Tucker’s been on the inside, knows where the bodies are buried and more importantly, who’s full of shit. He mocks the people he himself has associated with ruthlessly, with snide remarks about wine moms and Soul Cycle: and they can’t abide being mocked. The only people white liberals and their hand-selected black Democrat ‘leaders’ hate more than a black conservative is someone who’s of their class and is supposed to be in their club but who isn’t. That’s Tucker Carlson.

He is also influential because he understands how important culture is. He’ll talk about taboo subjects like race that so many Republicans are afraid of and unequipped to tackle. He’ll mock the multimillionaire Michelle Obama for claiming to be oppressed, will ridicule the ridiculous descendant of Spanish Conquistadors Sandy Ocasio from Westchester and question how all these white liberals diss white men but still sleep with them. He mocks their incessant use of the word racism, an absurdity coming from the Party of lynching and the Klan who started a war to keep slavery.

Democrats use race as a cudgel and white people aren’t allowed to talk about race in any terms that don’t affirm Democrat talking points. Take Replacement Theory, which is 100% real. Democrats have talked about it on air and written about it in newspapers, with one article even titled ‘We Can Replace Them’. If you mention that as the plan for Democrats’ Open Borders policy, you’re called racist. But honey badger don’t give a shit and Tucker always goes there.

He points out not only the disasters Democrats have caused everywhere they govern, he also mocks black Democrats. He calls out Obama’s hypocrisy on Climate Change and how no one who believed in it would buy mansions on islands as he has. Not that hypocrisy matters to Democrats, you’d have to have morals for that claim to matter. But you’re still not supposed to say it out loud. He calls out their fake accents, including the aforementioned Obama, who, like both white and black Democrats do, puts on the fake Southern accent when in front of a predominantly black audience. Apparently Democrats think black people can’t understand them if they don’t use a Holy Roller preacher’s cadence. Tucker is the guy who constantly pulls back the curtain on the Wizards of Oz and the Wizards ain’t happy.

He’s brilliant and snarky and when he mocks them it drives them apoplectic. He uses names like Trump does: Creepy Porn Lawyer, CNN Eunuchs, Tiny Spokesman about CNN’s Brian Stelter. He talks about things you’re not supposed to, and presents them to the biggest audience on cable tv. He also probably irritates some conservatives by having Lefties like Glenn Greenwald & Tulsi Gabbard on, which he does because he believes in free speech. And because he recognizes that the Republican Party talking points and policies of low taxes & free trade while actually just facilitating big business and endless wars are a facade.

President Trump was really the first person on the Right to shatter some of these standard Republican Party policy ideas, especially when many of them are BS, when he spoke positively about tariffs. The whole free trade argument for instance only applies when the trade is actually free, which it’s not. The Powers That Be on the so called Right, like the billionaire Kochs, who fund a lot of the so-called conservative think tanks are actually not much different than Democrats. They have the same motives but from different directions, like with immigration. Whereas Democrats want illegal aliens for the votes, the Chamber of Commerce wants them for cheap labor & higher profit margins, American workers be damned. Each side may have different motives, but the end result is the same – the UniParty selling out the American Citizen. This handsome DC transplant from Los Angeles is supposed to be on their side but he’s not. He’s the gingham blazer bow-tied version of Trump. He tells the truth but with a bigger vocabulary and better hair. But it stings nonetheless.

I must admit I’ve long wondered why Fox let him talk about certain things, especially since Paul Ryan is on the Board. For instance, he did a montage on all of the ‘news’ stations shows sponsored by Pfizer, when talking about the harms of the Coronavirus vaccine. It was obviously to show that those outlets were compromised and wouldn’t question the vaccines because they were funded by the vaccine makers. Some Fox hosts have pimped for the jab and the station has a bunch of Big Pharma commercials too. So either Tucker was the most brilliant and stealth controlled opposition force in the world or he’s a renegade they kept around because he made them money and knows their secrets. Now we know it was the latter, for Fox has fired him and taken him off the board just in time for the 2024 Presidential election. Perhaps his recent interviews with President Trump, RFK Jr. and Elon Musk were the last straw.

The original title of this article was Why the Left Hates Tucker Carlson, but we can see clearly now that the Left/Right paradigm is really just a contrived marketing scheme, that in fact the politicians in both parties are on the same team. We Republican voters have suspected this for a while, but it’s only been with the candidacy, victory and ultimate subversion & undermining of President Trump have we seen clearly that the GOP is nothing more than controlled opposition.

Firing Tucker is akin to what the social media companies did to Trump, which was not because of ‘January 6th’, but was about 3 November 2020, when Fox & Big Tech helped Biden steal the election. They don’t hate Tucker because he doesn’t have anything valuable to say, they hate him because he does. Tucker may be a rich kid of DC insiders, with a bit of the same type of Connecticut snobbery that Ann Coulter has, but he’s still very useful. I personally like him and agree with him on most things, but even if I didn’t, he had a massive platform that exposed the Left’s insanity and the Republican’s acquiescence to it.

We’ll have to see what happens now. I pray he starts something so new and big that he ends up crushing Fox News and the entire mainstream media forever. One thing is for certain: he, like Trump, makes the Powers That Be very uncomfortable because he challenges not only their narratives but their power. Like Trump who caught so much attention when asking black voters ‘What the hell do you have to lose’, Tucker brings light to important issues that matter to normal people and talks about them in a way no one else on prime time does. Worse yet, he makes people think, something authoritarians abhor. They’re trying to take both of them out of circulation for 2024 and if they’re able to silence those men, the country is over. For without the ability to tell the truth and hear it, you cannot have liberty. Pray for him and for our country and that The People’s love for America is stronger than the wicked who seek to destroy her.

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