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Bernie Wants Child Rapists, Terrorists and Serial Killers to Vote

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Imagine if Donald Trump said ‘I think Martin Luther King Jr.’s murderer should’ve been able to vote while in prison’. He didn’t and wouldn’t, but that’s pretty much what Bernie Sanders said in a town hall on CNN and no one’s talking about it. He didn’t say that specifically, he said that he thought people should be able to vote – while in prison, but that would be the result. And of course, in the same town hall, Ms. ‘I go which way the wind blows’ Kamala, said ‘we should have a conversation about that’. She sure does like to ‘have conversations.

CNN’s Don Lemon even tried to help her out and get her to change her mind, knowing that any sane person would balk at the idea, but she stood firm. She did eventually walk it back, backlashes tend to encourage that, saying she believes that ‘murderers and terrorists should be deprived of their rights.’, whereupon she was subsequently mocked on Twitter by the station’s Jeff Zeleny. Polls matter after all, and even though the DNC news outlet CNN is absolutely committed to being the ‘I hate Trump Fake News’, they do understand when things go too far beyond the pale.

Corey Spartacus Booker took a different tack, which is that he’s against ‘mass incarceration’ in general, so I’m not sure if his snarky swipe at Bernie was because he doesn’t think murderers should be able to vote or whether they should be locked up in the first place.

I’d like to give Crazy Bernie the benefit of the doubt in thinking he hadn’t quite thought his position through, but instead of walking it back he doubled down, as one of his aides told CNN “We’re proud to stand in solidarity with major civil rights groups in unequivocally declaring that the right to vote is inalienable.” Naturally in the aftermath of these statements pundits went directly to the Boston Bomber and their killing of Americans and whether people like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be able to vote. That’s an easy one and it may create a sound bite that lasts a few hours or so, but in the communications spectrum, using a white guy as the villain and white people as the victims can get easily dismissed. 

So let’s examine the idea that prisoners should be able to vote while in prison, shall we? What about asking Bernie if Dylann Roof should vote? The white racist who murdered 9 black people while they worshipped in church in Charleston? Or the murderers of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, or MLK Jr.? Should they have been able to vote while in prison? How about the Democrat KKK riders who hung black people from trees? How about on the issue of voting rights and whether black people should’ve had the right to do so? These examples add full context to the issue and bring a different consciousness to the discussion, and likely a vastly oppositional position. 

What about Phillip Garrido, remember him? He’s the pedophile, rapist and meth-head who, after having been released early from prison where he served only seven months of a five-years-to-life Nevada sentence for raping a 14-year-old girl (for 5 hours). And after this atrocity, he and his wife kidnapped 11-year old Jaycee Dugard, whereupon he raped her continually for years, impregnating her with 2 children and kept her hostage for over 18 years. What about serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy? Should they have been allowed to vote while in prison? What about on policies related to rape, kidnapping and serial killers? Maybe the DC snipers should’ve been allowed to vote, huh? If Bernie were in DC at the time and could’ve gotten paralyzed by their bullet, wonder what would he say then? And hey, if they can vote while in prison, why not let them run for office while in prison? See where I’m going with this?

So Crazy Bernie, himself a socialist, who, along with his Leftist Socialist cohorts like Comrade Cortez sets the trends for the modern progressive, throws crazy ideas like this out there, and because he’s in front, they all jump to be ‘Left enough’ and even to surpass him on a march to outdo Mao! Some, being moderately conscientious that there are still at least some normal people left in the Democrat party, backtrack for political expediency, but he’s still pulling the Democrat Party so far Left they look like they’re going to fall off the cliff! And in and of itself, that would be fine, I’m a conservative, let them destroy themselves! Except that these ideas are being taught in schools, and impressionable minds might think they’re good, without thinking about the long term and unintended consequences, and that affects all of us!

Whether or not you think there’s too much incarceration in general, and whether felons should have the right to vote after they’ve ‘served their time’, are conversations to have, as are, on the flip side, the questions of whether some crimes are so horrific their perpetrators should never be let out, like rape, child rape and murder, or have any rights, much less the right to vote. But ideas like Bernie’s about prisoners voting are dangerous for America and should be rejected, regardless of whether uber-liberal states like his allow it. I mean, consider this, would the same political party which is now openly advocating for the confiscation of guns on NON-criminals, in violation of an absolute constitutional right, think it’s ok for felons to have the right to own a gun after they ‘served their time’? No, but they would have violent savages like MS-13 cast a ballot. insanity!

Keep this in mind when you vote in 2020, and if you’re a Democrat thinking about voting for Bernie Sanders, know that you and your family, especially if you’re victims of violent crimes, would be voting for someone who thinks your victimizer has the ‘right’ to vote, no matter HOW horrific the crime they’ve perpetrated. Hopefully you’ll understand that the modern Democrat Party is being driven insane by people like him and should never be entrusted with power unless and until they come to their senses and eliminate this radical faction from their ranks. And God help us all until, if at all, they do.

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