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BLM: The Big Busine$$ of Race-Hustling

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Since the death of George Floyd, the group ‘Black Lives Matter’ has received hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in ‘donations’, many of them from corporations. The group, which obviously uses the word black to promote its agenda on the backs of (selective) dead black people, is nothing more than a Democrat race-agitation and fundraising fraud. Thankfully, with co-founder Patrisse Cullors latest scandalous purchase of a $1.4 million home, apparently one among 4, their grift is being exposed and showing people who’ve supported them how they’ve been used. Hopefully they’ll be punished appropriately by those who’ve supported them, which is doubtful I know, but I’ll take exposure if that’s all there is.

As Candace Owens asks: Where did all the money go? How many black people were helped? Is there a BLM school? Nursery? Tutoring facility to help underachieving black inner city students increase academic performance? Basketball courts even? At least the Black Panthers actually had programs which helped ordinary black people. And sure, because she’s conservative, Candace Owens may be dismissed for asking the questions, “Where is all that money going?”, but even Michael Brown’s father is inquiring about it. Whether he or that case should be legitimized aside and it shouldn’t, as ‘hands up don’t shoot is a LIE’, nonetheless I’m glad questions are being asked. Brown Sr. in a statement, referring to the $90 million collected by BLMGNF asks: “Why hasn’t my family’s foundation received any assistance from the movement? How could you leave the families who are helping the community without any funding?” He’s right. If you’re going to use a dead black body to raise money – in his name – surely you should contribute to family members of that deceased.

In another case, donors gave $36,493 in June to an organization that called itself Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta. In the month of July 2020, it took in $370,934.In August, an additional $59,915. Whereas the group said the money ‘would go to support the movement’, such was not the case. As with Talcolm X Shaun King, another race-hustling fraud who isn’t even black, another grifter was found to have misappropriated the funds. According to federal investigators, the man running BLM of Greater Atlanta, Sir Maejor Page, spent the money on ‘nights out and nice clothes’, having ‘appeared on social media wearing tailored suits with cuff links and ties that he bragged had cost $150, and stayed in luxury hotel rooms. “My room way up at the top,” he boasted. “At the top top.” Additionally, and much like Patrece Cullors, Maejor also used the donated money to buy a house and land — not in Atlanta, but where he actually lived, in Toledo, Ohio.

A self-proclaimed ‘trained Marxist’ revolutionary group, BLM formed initially after the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2013, but gained real prominence after Ferguson and the completely false ‘hands up don’t shoot’ claim about the ‘gentle giant’ Michael Brown, whose shooting was so justified that even race-hustler Eric Holder couldn’t find fault with it. If anyone was going to find ‘systemic racism’ in a police department, even one that was majority black, it would be him. But it didn’t matter, because the narrative stuck and Darren Wilson’s life was ruined. Such is how the Stormtrooper Left operates: destroy, get paid, then on to the next crisis.

It’s funny too, because now that Patrisse Cullors, founder of ‘Burn Loot Murder’, or, under her watch, rather, ‘Buy New Mansions’, has been exposed, she’s crying that she’s been doxxed and she’s afraid for her family. To which I say, ‘welcome to our world Patrisse, now you can experience how your Frankenstein monsters affect those you sick them on’. I hope every one of her BLM homes gets a visit by her own Stormtroopers (or others) and they show her the treatment they’ve been giving to the rest of America, to ordinary citizens trying to live their lives. I hope it scares her as much as as marauding Stormtroopers have scared others.

And on that note, if the Rules of Engagement are to doxx, we’re going to doxx too. No more double standards or separate rules, turnabout is fair play on this culture war battlefield we’re on, and make no mistake, it’s a war we’re engaged in. And the stakes are the actual survival of the Republic. That’s not hyperbole, it’s fact. They want Communism, we want Freedom. They cannot coexist simultaneously. The only question is if it will go from cold to hot and who will ultimately win. But the Marxists should understand one thing, the New Right conservatives are finally fighting like they have been, and will give no more quarter to them than they have received themselves.

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