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Bug-Eyes Schiff and Humpy-Dumpty Nadler – A Destructive Duo

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

In the latest iteration of the Democrats and NeverTrumpers ‘Get Trump’ efforts, after Nancy Pelosi finally sent the articles of Impeachment to the Senate, it seems they just haven’t had enough of torturing the American public. Pelosi just had to extend the misery by appointing Bug-Eyes Schiff and Humpy-Dumpty Nadler.

You almost wonder if they think that Trump and his voters would surrender so as not to have to see or hear them anymore. Even their own voters can’t seem to take it. The tv ratings on successive days of the two of those clowns decreased dramatically because the public simply couldn’t take any more of the waterboarding of the eyes and ears of this destructive duo.

One of the funniest parts of this phase of the charade was when they walked the Articles ‘solemnly’ down the hall to the Senate. It was truly pathetic but hilarious, and inspired some of the funniest meme videos of the year.

After lying about how ‘sad’ they were to be doing this and didn’t really want to, about how ‘solemn’ it was, they attended their bullet-pen signing ceremony and Impeachment parties and Pelosi ‘solemnly’ fist-bumped Bill Maher and smiled coyly that Trump was now ‘impeached forever’. Hey Nanschy, I don’t think solemn means what you think it means.

Schiff, the narcissist extraordinaire who got punked by some Russian comedians on tape by asking for ‘compramat’ on Trump, is leading the charge. He’s the one who’s been saying for the last 3 years that he has such overwhelming evidence of collusion but still has nothing, such that now Democrats are trying to trick the Senate into calling the witnesses that they refused to subpoena in the House. And Schiff is the guy who literally lied on the House floor about the call Trump had with Zelensky. He should be recused, removed and remanded for such blatant deceit, but of course he’s not, he’s fetted and fawned over on the mainstream channels. Yes, this is the face of the Democrat impeachment plan, someone so atrocious in his 3 days of drone warfare as a House manager in the Senate that even Mittens couldn’t take any more, and he’s as eager to get rid of Trump as they are. The other half of the dynamic duo of this operation is Humpy-Dumpty Nadler, who couldn’t even stay awake during the House proceedings, and who wears his pants up around his neck. With all of their Hollyweird friends, you’d think Democrats could’ve choreographed it better.

It’s all just another round of Presidential Harassment of Trump and shows they really no confidence in the democrat presidential candidates. This was basically confirmed by the perpetual talker who says nothing⏤Democrat Rep. Al Green, and Zoe Lofgren. Plus, they’ve been talking about impeaching Trump since before he was elected and immediately afterwards. The Washington Post actually printed the headline ‘The campaign to impeach Trump has begun’ within 19 minutes of him being inaugurated. And don’t forget Mad Maxine who’s been screeching ‘Impeach 45’ for the last 3 years. No, Democrats are not sending their best.

Trump is being impeached for talking about corruption in the Ukraine, which I remind you⏤they were so desperate to end that corruption they elected a comedian as President. And our laws actually require us to make aid to Ukraine contingent on rooting out corruption. Meanwhile, Obama, who not only was caught on hot mic talking to the Russian president Medvedev that he’d ‘have more flexibility after the election’, but did nothing when Russia invaded Crimea. And Joe Biden was on video talking about withholding aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating his son was fired. ON VIDEO!

It’s really true what they say, whatever Democrats accuse Republicans of doing, they’re already doing. In addition to being masters of deceit, they’re masters of projection.

Democrats want to try the case in the court of public opinion because they know they don’t have anything. Nothing they’ve tried to get rid of Trump has worked so far, from Mueller to Stormy and Avenatti, to 93% negative media coverage. And Trump’s numbers are actually going up! So now all of a sudden, like a mustached version of Christine Blasey Ford, and using the exact same m.o. as the Kavanaugh confirmations, come leaks from John Bolton’s ‘book’, a hail mary in a failing impeachment effort.

The media has helped with the effort by not only spending hours praising the Democrats and slamming Republicans, but not showing the Republican part of the proceedings. For instance, Pam Bondi absolutely scorched the Bidens during the Trump defense but the mainstream media didn’t show it, nor did they show Alan Dershowitz. If a tree falls in the forest but there’s no one there to see it, did it really happen? Only the people who watch the hearings or Fox will even know Pam Bondi was talking. The omission is as much a part of the Fake News Media complex as the commission.

It’s incredibly serious that people within the highest and most powerful organizations in the country can arbitrarily wield that power against the citizenry. Obama did it with the IRS against conservative and Tea Party groups, and he spied on multiple citizens even before Trump, like Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen. Hell, he even spied on Democrats like Dianne Feinstein. And he’s not the first to abuse that power, though he did get away with it because he’s a Democrat and black.

This is NOT how ‘justice’ is supposed to happen, and it’s exposing the sickness of our system and the corruption of the ‘representatives’ in both political parties!

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