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Candace Owens Smacks Down Virtue-Signaling White Liberals

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Nothing says ‘I feel superior to you’, like a white woman lecturing a black woman on ‘white supremacy’, but that’s what happened this week on Capitol Hill, with white liberal women patronizing black conservative Candace Owens in the latest of what seems an endless number of congressional hearings on the matter. Candace Owens, the ideological Harriet Tubman of our time, who’s said she ‘wants to start an ideological civil war within the black community’, is doing just that, and exposing the hypocrisy, racism and race-baiting tactics of both black and white liberals in the process.

During the testimony, one of the witnesses, a white professor of white nationalism studies, tried to infer Candace was somehow responsible for the Christchurch massacre while saying she wasn’t trying to say she was responsible. With an oh-so-self-righteous and patronizing tone, much like Ted Lieu did in the previous hearing, she deliberately smeared her as having said the massacre itself was ‘hilarious’, which of course she didn’t. She said it was hilarious that they’re having yet another hearing on this problem that isn’t nearly as much of a threat to black Americans as other real issues like father absence, education, abortion and immigration, and said it was all because it’s election time, which is true. Besides, she had acknowledged in her opening statement that white supremacy is a real issue anyway, so trying to act like she hadn’t was deceitful.

Race-baiting offers too much power and currency for Democrats to ever abandon, which is why they will never fix the problems they claim to care about with regard to black Americans: it keeps them in business, literally.

And they really don’t care anyway, if they did, they wouldn’t be so selective in their outrage. For instance, not a SINGLE Democrat has yet to respond to the fact that Democrat donor Ed Buck has finally been arrested after three gay black men, whom he injected with meth, overdosed in his apartment – two of whom died – the first death of which happened 2 years ago. And none of the mainstream news outlets have either. It’s like the story doesn’t exist. He’s a MAJOR Democrat donor and gay activist, friend of Hillary Clinton, Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff. No chirons, or panels on CNN, no calls for investigations by the Left – silence.

Liberals ‘care’ so much for ‘minorities’ and they torture us with these idiotic hearings on white supremacy as if it’s actually the most important thing happening to black people, and that was her point. Like, hello – Chicago anyone? Meanwhile, prime woke virtue-signaler and finger pointer Justin Trudeau has had 3 pictures come out of him in ‘blackface’ and Don Lemon made excuses for it – because Trudeau ‘apologized’. And Ralph Northam, pictured either in blackface or a Klan member is still the governor of Virginia. Former Fox News pundit Megan Kelly, whom Lemon scolded self-righteously, only talked about blackface and she got fired! And I’m not a fan of hers, but still! One could almost choke on the stench of the Left’s hypocrisy on these matters.

If anything, the greatest threat to black Americans, and Americans at large is liberal supremacy, particularly white liberal supremacy. It really does cause more damage than anything else. The rules and goalposts in the hierarchy of victimhood for the Left is ever-changing to such a degree that they’re making it impossible for normal people to have any peace!. It’s part of the reason the Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr comedy specials on Netflix are doing so well. People are sick and tired of these brats.

The Democrats should know not to come for Candace, and maybe they’ll give it up, because she slays them every time. She is a force to be reckoned with, a beautiful, fearless woman who, is able to deftly dispatch with the naysayers and simply refusing to back down.

A recent Revolt panel – huge for hip hop culture and the black community – illustrates what a powerful voice she has, whereby even people who didn’t necessarily like her were willing to concede she was right about many of the issues she put forth. She understands how important culture is to the black community and how the Left has been able to use it to gain electoral power over their vote. 

Owens courage in continuing to take it to the Left and unabashed support for President Trump has created for lack of a better term, a ‘Safe Space’ for other black people to ‘come out’ as Trump supporters and conservatives. No small feat, for no one is more maligned in America than a black conservative, especially a black Trump supporter.

After Bryson Gray was featured with a gigantic MAGA hat at President Trump’s Fayetteville rally went viral, the “#MAGAChallenge’ ensued, and is now trending on Twitter. He was interviewed at the rally and said ‘I’ve had a lot of friends tell me I shouldn’t support Trump because I’m black…and they told me I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest one I could find’. He then started the MAGA Challenge, a pro-Trump, MAGA hat rap challenge, for people to rap about supporting Trump. Candace helped build that, and it has to be absolutely freaking the Democrats out to have all of these black people in MAGA hats rapping about supporting Trump!

We can expect it to get even more insane and nasty as they attempt to derail his re-election and re-establish their dominance over what they assumed would always be a sure-thing constituency, using every dirty trick they can find. Democrats still don’t realize yet who they’re dealing with and how he fights and inspires others to do so as well.

Grab your popcorn Patriots, it’s going to be a wild show!

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