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Candace v. Cardi B – The Feud the Culture Needed

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When Candace Owens called Cardi B illiterate in her interview with Ben Shapiro, Cardi B should’ve just let it slide. Instead, she responded and opened the door for Candace to give her the bitchslap heard round the world, and it was delicious! I knew it was going to be a cultural earthquake, and judging from the reactions on YouTube and social media I was right. Once again, the Left tried to come for Candace Owens and struck out, and the world is more informed because of it.

As I’ve written in several previous articles, from ‘Black Votes – What Really Matters to Democrats’, to ‘The Real ‘Battle For America’: Black Lives Matter vs Blexit”, everything that the Democrats are doing in 2020 is about securing the black vote, which they need at least 85% of if not more. It’s a precarious position for them to be in, especially because they’ve turned off so many of their other sure-thing constituent groups, and now they’re freaked out. It’s why they did that ridiculous stunt with the Kente Cloth. Never before have Democrats either had to work so hard to get the majority of the black vote, nor been so unsure they’d get enough of it to win. And that’s because of one man – Donald J. Trump.

When Donald Trump asked the question of black voters with regard to voting for him ‘What the hell do you have to lose’ – unheard of, especially for a Republican - the immediate reaction by the Left was outrage. Naturally, he was called racist. The same person about whom so many rap songs had been written and to whom was given awards by Civil Rights organizations, after announcing his candidacy was called racist, xenophobic, etc. He went from being someone about whom people aspired to be like to ‘literally Hitler’ instantaneously. It’s no surprise, the term ‘racist’ has always been the immediate and heretofore successful tactic Democrats use to bully Republicans into submission. Not so with Trump. Not only did he not cow to their attacks, he doubled down, even tripled down. For the first time ever, a Republican candidate has directly and aggressively pursued black voters and it’s thrown Democrats for a loop.

Democrats, who must have already been shocked at how well Trump did in the election, have pollsters and they have to know Trump is making inroads in the black community. Especially as the pre-PlanneDemic economic numbers had so specifically benefitted them, particularly lower-income individuals. Economic mobility and self-sufficiency is not the goal for a political party which depends on a permanent economic underclass for its electoral and political fortunes, which is why the CBC was not happy when the President announced the lowest black unemployment at the State of the Union Address. By praising how his own economic policies had helped people who otherwise might’ve been inclined to vote for Democrats, Trump threatened their monopoly. Therefore, given that it’s a Presidential election year, Democrats have had to develop a strategy to try to keep those voters in the D column.

How did Democrats go about doing that? They went to culture as they always do and for whatever reason, they thought trotting out Cardi B would be just the trick! Biden had already been hammered for his ‘You ain’t black’ comments in the surprisingly serious interchange with Charlemagne, and had gotten in trouble for inferring that unlike Hispanics, black people weren’t diverse in thought, during the Hispanic Journalists Association virtual town hall. They couldn’t take a chance of having him do a serious interview with someone who’s a journalist. And even though I think that most ‘journalists’ are actually just political hacks, considering the fact that Chris Wallace and even the New York Times still haven’t gotten interviews with Biden, Cardi B wasn’t exactly the choice that was expected. Even Glozell of the Froot Loops in the bathtub idiocy who Obama sat with is smarter than THOT Cardi B!

Having the Democrat Presidential candidate do an interview with the person whose latest song, WAP, that gem which describes her ‘Wet A** Pu**y’ and actually contains the refrain ‘There’s’ some whores in this house’ should give you pause, even if you like the song’s beat. Not to mention that Cardi B is on tape having bragged about drugging, date-raping and robbing men. It should be insulting to black people, who the Democrats are obviously trying to appeal to with this cultural figure, because not only is she completely illiterate and dumb, as Candace Owens said, but she’s not even a black American, she’s Dominican. Why did they choose a non-ADOS person to discuss issues related to black America? In that case, they should’ve had him interview with WAP’s co-rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, who is in fact a black American.

The answer is that as always, Democrats take the black vote for granted, and as Candace said, think they’re stupid. Democrats think they can just call Republicans racist, throw out any cultural influencer to say ‘Vote Democrat’ and expect that to be enough. It’s why they had both Hillary and Biden on with Charlemagne: he has the largest black radio audience in the country. And until Trump, this tactic has been successful. The simple mention of the word ‘racist’ has been enough to keep 85-95% of black voters voting Democrat. Thankfully, things are changing.

Seeing the comments on Social Media and YouTube about the exchange between Candace and Cardi B, whereupon even Candace’s detractors mocked Cardi B as uneducated and uninformed, with hilarious ‘RIP Cardi B’ videos and memes, is heartening. And since simply inspiring a conversation at all is always part of Candace’s M.O., it was a success. People are thinking about why they have always been voting Democrat and whether they should continue to do so. The Blexit and WalkAway movement is growing bigger every day and much like with Vietnam Veterans who now proudly wear their gear, more black Trump supporters are ‘coming out’ in support of him and wearing theirs, thus inspiring others. And it’s very admirable, because it’s a bigger act of courage than with any other demographic group, considering the despicable names they are called. And it’s not even about Trump himself, Trump is just the figurehead and the courageous warrior of the movement. It’s really about Freedom! Freedom to say, do, be and vote how you want.

From Trump himself, to Candace, to Kanye, to Angela Stanton on the Breakfast Club, Antoine, the MAGA Hat challenge and beyond, the old established order has been disrupted. The Democrats’ hold on a group of American citizen voting block that has been so loyal electorally but been served so neglectfully, is being challenged and thank God for it! The elevation of the farce known as Black Lives Matter, which has nothing to do with ‘black lives’ but rather Marxism and destroying America, shows we couldn’t go on with business as usual anyway.

So thankfully, the awakening continues, and Candace v. Cardi B is a beautiful red-pilling, the feud or ‘beef’ the culture needs to start the conversations that will help move our country forward and in a better direction, and in fact, save it. Keep Praying for more courageous voices America, and as Patriots United, may we save our country and make it ‘A More Perfect Union’ for all!

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