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Democrats Need Dependents and Slaves to Survive

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

To put a twist on the Biblical verse, ‘the Government giveth and the government taketh away’. Democrats are masters of this in reverse, for they take from some to give to others, it’s why they’ve taken up the undeserved mantle of ‘caring’ and advocate for more social programs, casting themselves as modern day Robin Hoods, when in fact they are nothing more than self-interested hucksters who use the downtrodden as pawns to gain power for themselves. Democrats need an underclass of dependents, and they need to enslave them to the government to stay in power. They can’t afford to ‘fix’ the problems they claim to care about, it would put them out of business.

Is saying Democrats want dependents and slaves controversial? Yes it is and good, then maybe it will get people’s attention and we can have an honest discussion on what that statement actually means. To create in a human being a permanent sense of ‘entitlement’ which is what programs like welfare, WIC and food stamps are actually called, is to enslave that person to the giver of the programs, i.e. the government and the various agencies which distribute them. And it’s to crush the spirit of a creation of God and the potential that God endowed in them.

And I’m not necessarily against any of those programs in and of themselves, sometimes they’re very necessary and helpful. I know a woman (and there are a lot of these I’m sure) who used WIC out of absolute necessity, because she wasn’t working when her husband left her with a small child and he wasn’t paying child support. She needed that help. And that’s what it’s there for. But as soon as she was able, she got a job and got off of it. And it was a very humble, low-paying job, so yes, it was fortunate for her that she already owned her (extremely) modest home.

I went to the WIC office with her and though her situation wasn’t her fault, she was a stay at home mother, she was somewhat ashamed to be there. So as soon as she was able, she got off of all assistance, worked her way up at her various jobs, and now is considered a leader at her well-paying job. She is a contributor to society in many ways.

This woman is a taxpaying ‘working person’ and though she’s a registered Democrat (but will be voting for Trump), she’s not the type of constituent that Democrats really care about because she’s against long-term government dependence, except for the very needy like the disabled and infirmed. She doesn’t ‘need’ anything from the Democrat Party, therefore, she serves no purpose for them.

Democrats need a permanent underclass, which is why they advocate for programs which prolong government dependence. It serves their political needs. They give their constituents ‘benefits’ and their constituents give them votes.

In that tradeoff, however, one benefits politically while the other devolves personally. It’s like a drug dealer in a way. Drug dealers who want to break into a new market give away ‘free samples’ to get people addicted to their product because they know that in the long run, they’ll recoup that money. It’s the same with votes. The problem with Democrats is that they give away taxpayer-funded benefits that benefit them, but the costs of which are borne by others. Another problem is that by creating this dependence, they cripple the self-sufficiency of the individuals and indeed the communities in which they operate.

And though this applies regardless of race, it’s particularly evident in majority-minority neighborhoods, which vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, are run by Democrats, many of them minorities themselves, (though often don’t actually live in the districts they ‘represent’) but have little if anything to show for it. Democrats tell them⏤Republicans are racist and that they don’t care, but that Democrats do, and that if the citizens vote for Democrats, not only will they ‘protect’ them from the evil Republicans, but they’ll ‘help’ them, because of course they care! Yet, sadly, the results are the same from coast to coast, wherever communities have a large number of people dependent on government ‘entitlements’, there is often misery and despair⏤and people voting for Democrats. And that’s just how they like it!

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