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Desperate Democrats Settle on Sleepy Joe Biden

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It’s official America, after a field of 23 candidates ran in what was dubbed ‘the most diverse Presidential field in history’, desperate Democrats have settled on Sleepy Joe Biden as their nominee. In what was a coordinated mission to stop Socialist/Communist revolutionary Bernie Sanders, Democrats coalesced around the 2-time loser, an old white man who’s so gaffe prone it’s become part of the lexicon as ‘That’s just Joe being Joe’. It’s not over, as the next big primary competition comes in just 2 weeks and has some states favoring Sanders, but as it stands now, the matchup will be Biden v. Sanders for the Democrat nomination with a brokered convention likely.

The message of the night was that Democrats want a Democrat, i.e. a ‘Party’ person, how ironic. Obama struck some deal behind the scenes, getting Klobuchar and Buttigieg to drop out and endorse Biden, and will likely endorse him and be out campaigning for him now, along with his wife, who remains popular within the Party.

With the media’s help this will be the biggest Wag the Dog type of Hollywood produced ‘comeback’ ever, one of the most deficient candidates in history will be carried to the Democrat nomination like the dead boss in Weekend at Bernie’s.

The question will be whether the progressives, who’ve gotten so close to having their Socialist utopia, will concede to the Blue No Matter Who crowd in the face of a blatant shiv to Bernie. Though they’ve flirted with and kept them around for their passion and enthusiasm, Democrats don’t really want the revolutionaries in their party, and are at this time, according to reports, working on eliminating the Congressional seat of the head of the 'Furious Four', Comrade Cortez.

Much like the Republican establishment didn’t understand Trump voters, (a lot of the Never-Trumper Republicans just endorsed Biden), Democrats don’t seem to understand the Berners rage. They also don’t seem to understand that not only does Trump have 95% of favorability within his own Party, but that some of the Bernie voters will likely vote for Trump just to piss off Democrats for scheming against their guy. Interesting times.

So who is Joe Biden, this Savior of the Democrats? It seems a ridiculous question, I know, as they guy’s been in office forever. Joe, or Plugs as Rush calls him, with his nipped and tucked face, ever shifting dentures, and the perpetual lights on but nobody home look on his face is a corrupt child-touching plagiarist who, it will hopefully be shown, has made millions profiting off of his ‘public service’. But Joe was loyal to Barack Obama, the nation’s first (half) black President, and he’s been campaigning as such so intensely that even though Obama wouldn’t endorse his own VP in the primaries, black Democrat voters came out big for Biden when it counted.

It’s amazing that black voters don’t see through these Democrats. CNN despicably called the black Trump supporters who went to the White House for a Black History event, ‘Uncle Toms’. It’s apparently perfectly fine for Killary to say she ‘ain’t no ways tired’ and that she carries hot sauce in her purse, for Al Gore to go all T.D. Jakes and say ‘they don’t even want to count you in the census’, or for Biden to talk about CornPop and ‘put y’all back in chains’, but it’s not okay for black conservatives to visit the President of the United States during Black History Month. They should be insulted at such blatant pandering and fear-mongering, and yet a majority of black voters don’t seem to see it or care. Oh well, it just shows Republicans have more work to do.

So it comes down to a guy who says he likes when children sit on his lap and touch the hair on his legs, mistakes his sister for his wife while she’s standing right next to him, and sniffs strangers babies heads. A guy who has so many videos of him pawing at little kids, one so disturbing that it could probably serve as evidence in a trial. This is who Democrats are left with! I can’t imagine any of them think he can win against Trump, but if it takes losing to Trump to stop the ascendancy of Bernie Sanders, for them it appears to be worth it.

They’re not even hiding their motives. Biden’s rally in Texas where Buttigieg and Klobuchar endorsed him was some of the most fake, craven political bulls**t I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t even a week ago where they were destroying each other on the debate stage and yet here they are with a kumbaya ‘We love Joe’ fest. Even Bobby Francis got in on the action, but he still thinks he’s running for President of Mexico, so not sure his endorsement will matter. It should be an insult to all Democrat voters.

The question is What were they all offered to endorse Sleepy Joe? I guess you have to check their bank accounts over the next few days.

I’m thinking they’re going to try a ‘Team of Rivals’ type of thing, though don’t know if it’s going to work – the whole Vote Blue No Matter Who thing only goes so far, especially when the Top Guy can barely get through a sentence. They’ve been exposed as the frauds they are. They think they’ve taken away Trump’s ‘socialism’ attack card, but it’s not gone, because Bernie will likely stay in to the Convention.

Bernie’s voters will just get more angry and more determined. Party Democrats will have to continue to undermine him and they’ll actually just continue to have a civil war within their party.

It will be delicious to watch Trump dismantle them. Piece. By. Piece.

Image: Reuters

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