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Freedom Isn’t Free – Is America Worthy of Veteran’s Sacrifices?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As Veteran’s Day passes by and we’ve remembered the Centennial of the ending of World War I, ironically called ‘The Great War’, the question arises ‘How far have we come?’ and after all of the sacrifices made by our amazing Veteran heroes and their families, do we deserve them? The first mid-terms of Trump’s presidency have also come and gone, well, except for the unbelievably corrupt Broward and Palm Beach county SOE’s and their obvious voter fraud, and it doesn’t bode well for America. On the one hand the numbers are relatively good for President Trump, insofar as he had half the number of House seats flipped and he actually gained Senate seats, which is historical, but the margins were close in historically super-red states and districts – too close.

Take Texas for instance. A fake hispanic, ala Fauxcahantas Elizabeth Warren, Robert Francis O’Rourke, stimulated the imaginations of voters in Texas so much so that he actually gave Ted Cruz a scare. Yes, Texas – deep red, cowboy-hat wearing ‘Don’t Mess With’ Texas. Now, I admit Cruz isn’t the most inspiring candidate except that he checks all of the conservative boxes, but still, it’s Texas for God’s sake! It’s supposed to be as safely conservative as Arkansas! Of course, we all know why it was close, and that’s because of unfettered illegal immigration, but that’s another conversation. The point is more that it reflects a potentially devastating ‘values shift’ in one of the safest of red-states, both historically and electorally, in the country. O’Rourke, self-assigned Beto, no doubt because it sounds ethnic and Democrats love their pandering, is for all intents and purposes a Socialist who wants open borders, the abolition of ICE, single-payer healthcare, and universal background checks on guns. I repeat, in Texas. And he was really close.

Another shock for a different reason is Kirsten Sinema, a Marxist who ‘won’, Jeff Flake’s Senate seat over Martha McSally. Sinema, a Code-Pink activist who mocked her state on multiple occasions, and who said it was ok for Americans to join the Taliban, beat McSally, the nation’s first female fighter pilot and a 6-tour of duty combat veteran. Think about that. The state which apparently loved McCain because he was a ‘hero’, voted against the first female combat fighter pilot for an anti-war activist. Of course McSally, like Flake, was a Never Trumper and I would’ve preferred Trump-supporter Kelli Ward, but I’m not even talking about Republican voters. Why would Democrat voters elect someone to represent them who called her own state ‘The meth lab of democracy’?

The point of these reflections is to ask the question of who are we as a country, as Americans? Many of the Democrat candidates have a hostile view of the Constitution as being an impediment to their desire to implement ‘social justice’, aka power, and spoke openly about abolishing the structural supports of civilized society – border patrol, prisons, law enforcement, even our military was maligned by some. Whether there are flaws in the ‘system’, such as bad cops, over-incarceration is certain, and a discussion to be had, but because there are imperfections in some law enforcement, does that mean there should be no law enforcement? The thought alone seems ludicrous and yet that’s just what some on the Left actually believe.

Never mind that one of the by-products of the massive protests and hostility of the Black Lives Matter movement actually caused more black lives to be murdered because of a pull-back of police of proactive policing in dangerous black neighborhoods. Can you even begin to imagine the carnage if criminals expected no police with guns to come when called? And yet, that’s exactly what the openly socialist Democrat candidate for Florida campaigned on, and got exceedingly close to winning. Again, in Florida, one might say DeSantis was a flawed candidate, but seriously, a guy who’s under a known FBI investigation as mayor of the city, and who’s seen the murder rate under his tenure climb to all-time highs almost won. And he wanted illegal aliens’ votes to count but not those of the military members who were in the Panhandle devastated by Hurricane Michael. Is this really what Democrat voters want?

Democrats have taken the veil off and are running Left of Lenin. What does that mean for America? Some pundits have downplayed the seeming ascendency of the Far-Left Socialist/Progressive wing of the Democrat Party as benign because most red-to-blue flips were by ‘moderate’ Democrats. But not all. And just because they didn’t win this time, getting as close as some did should concern every sane American who values the Western way of life and the Constitution.

This nation’s foundation, while fought for and conceived by flawed men, created a framework unlike any other in history, based on one single question & premise – Can humankind govern itself? All of the gaps to be filled in by the principles that were not adhered to at various stages of it’s history (ending slavery, ensuring the right to vote and civil rights, etc.) all reflect that principle of self-governance, freedom and liberty. But if you have a populace that either doesn’t know about those principles or doesn’t believe in them, what do you have? Can you have a cohesive, unified society with such deep philosophical differences? I’m not sure.

When considering these ideas, culture must always be at the forefront, therefore, one must consider what the culture finds acceptable. Planned Parenthood is celebrated as a ‘champion for women’s rights’ and women’s ‘choice’ for instance. But while it’s true that they provide some services beyond abortion that are valuable, their primary function, and money making business model, and yes it is a ‘business’, is the termination of unborn fetuses, or as Democrats like to call them, ‘clumps of cells’. Well, this week Planned Parenthood put out one of the most demonic ads I’ve ever seen, with a sweet baby looking into the camera and words reflecting ‘She deserves to be a choice’ behind her. Of course the baby was white, because they probably wouldn’t have dared putting a black baby in an ad like that, but if you know anything about the procedure of abortion, particularly late-term abortion, the ad should make you beyond sick. Yet Planned Parenthood somehow thought that was appropriate, and perhaps their supporters agree, though probably not while looking at the faces of their own born babies. And the sickest part of all is that not only are American taxpayers stolen from to give $500 million a year to Planned Parenthood, against their will, but taxpayers likely funded that despicable commercial. That’s right little Chloe, it’s frills and pom poms if they want you, and saws and forceps if they don’t. Sickening. Add to this that if little Chloe does make it past the butcher’s table, her parents are working all day to pay taxes for teachers to teach her to hate them and their country. That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in!

What does all of this have to do with Veterans? It is veterans and their families who answer the call to serve, to leave their homes, their parents, siblings, spouses and children to move around the country or go to faraway places to do dangerous things to keep us safe on the homefront. Since the beginning of this nation there have been people willing to put life and limb at risk for the sake of Liberty, the just and noble principle of Freedom and self-governance. And even the Native Americans have assisted in the war-fighting of this nation despite its foul treatment of them. In the Revolutionary Wars and World War II (Code Talkers), their service was invaluable. Same with American slaves who assisted in the cause though they themselves were not yet free. Freedom is a powerful motivation. In the Revolutionary War in fact, without the assistance of the Native Americans at Valley Forge, all might have been lost. Black Americans and American Indians served with honor, courage and dignity in the face of dishonor and indignity. Surely their service and sacrifice as well makes the country for which they did so much worth saving?

From Bunker Hill, Bull Run and Bastogne, to Buon Ma Thuot, Baghdad and beyond, there has been so very much sacrifice made for this principle called Freedom that we must never stop fighting to honor it. When a Socialist says we should transform America to a top-down big-government serfdom, it disrespects the service of all of the aforementioned warriors, (including all of the animals), that were at war. People like Colin Kaepernick have no clue what real sacrifice is, nor as a comfortable wealthy athlete does he know what the people of the Reconstruction era and Jim Crow endured, and the sacrifice black soldiers have made for America since its founding. If he did and he had any humility, he would be ashamed, as would the other so-called Social Justice Warriors.

No, they disparage America without a clue as to what it means and where else they could be free to say what they say and do what they do. And yes, they’re protected under the Constitution to say it, bit it doesn’t mean they should. They should work to uplift and unify, not to tear down and besmirch. It’s all of our country, flaws and all, and it’s the only one we have, unless you’re rich enough to buy your own. The only choice you have is to move forward to a brighter future and learn from the lessons of the past, yet they choose to marinate in the bitterness of it.

But Freedom isn’t free, it comes at a high price! In the form of missed basketball games, birthday parties, graduations, births, deaths, etc. Sometimes the price is suicide for the broken ones who can’t make it back to wholeness and survive, and sometimes it’s survival and merely living, but not really alive. Military families have higher divorce rates and military kids, though incredibly tough and resilient, are often bullied because they move around so much and are perpetually ‘the new kid’, and in this social media age, that can be beyond brutal. It’s hard enough when you’re the kid that’s always been there. Jobs are hard to get and maintain for spouses when they have to relocate so often. How many of the ‘protesters’ of all things American know anything about this? Not many I’m sure, for only ½ of 1 percent of the country serves in the military which means fewer people now likely even know a veteran than at any time in our country’s history.

I’m a passionate Patriot who loves her country, so as I look around at the division between us, the wickedness & hedonism that flourishes unabated in the culture while making sure God has no place in it, I wonder, sadly, if America is worth the sacrifice, if we deserve what they’ve all done for us. Not the country and it’s ideals per se, but the citizens who’ve allowed it to come to this, for complacency is the enemy of Liberty after all. I do what I can personally to fight for this Constitutional Republic in large part to honor them and what they did for me, and I’m not sure I deserve it. What about a country that’s being taught to hate itself? How can that sustain? And yet still they sign the contract, offering their lives in service to it, for our all-volunteer military. So let us never forget, and continue to pray for them and their families, and that God does Bless America – while we still can.

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