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Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Democrat

Updated: Sep 5

They were so close to their ‘fundamental transformation of America’ as Obama called it, they could taste it! They had Hillary poised to step in as a 3rd Obama term and it would be over⏤essentially America would be changed forever and with likely no chance of a Republican ever winning the Presidency again, and even if they did, no chance of effecting any difference. But then along came Trump! That’s why they’re so insane. It’s like having a plateful of delicious BBQ in front of you with all the fixings and having it ripped away and replaced by celery⏤without even any Ranch! It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Yes, I know, I know, a lot of the Republicans suck too, and are perhaps worse than Democrats because they claim to have and campaign on certain principles but once in office do the opposite (Repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood) so I agree. But in the grand scheme of things, at least the platform on which Republicans campaign is in line with what the Founders envisioned for the country and what the Constitutional (and basic moral) foundation declares, such as freedom of speech, to bear arms and not to murder babies. Modern Democrats are as far from the Constitution as East is from West, and their desires for America are more in line with the Communist Manifesto than the Constitution.

Mind you, none of this would be happening: the moral decay of the country; the degradation of our ‘educational’ system’; the erosion of patriotism and love of country; the softening – physically and psychically – of our children – without the acquiescence of the populace.

As a nation, even patriotic conservatives, we are to blame. As Reagan said, and which can’t be said enough, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Problem is⏤when you’re comfortable, fat and happy, literally and figuratively, and you don’t have any seemingly direct threats to your liberties from an invading army, it’s easy to relax. But there is an ‘invading’ army – of illegal immigrants – threatening our country’s freedom from without, as well as an army of subversives already within the country which threatens it, and that is the Progressive Left.

They hate America and they hate you. And while the term Progressive is usually associated with the Left, it also includes many on the Right, which we call ‘Never-Trumpers’, they hate you too. They are usually neo-cons who want endless wars and who are part of the ‘conservative think tank intelligentsia’ such as Bill Kristol – the country club set – who see their power and influence threatened by the bombastic and disruptive Trump as well. For purposes of this discussion however, and because there is likely no legitimate opposition from the right which could successfully challenge Trump for 2020, I’ll concentrate on the Democrats, including those in Congress, the media & entertainment and those running for President.

Putting aside that⏤the Democrat Party called the guy who left a woman to suffocate in a car submerged under water ‘The Lion of the Senate’, or that Hillary Clinton called a former KKK Grand Kleagle her mentor. The Democrat Party under the new freshman agitators has been pulled so far to the Left that JFK would’ve probably been considered Tea Party if he were alive now. At least Obama, though a radical, socialist and perhaps communist himself, understood that you have to lie to them first before you throw the Marxism in their faces. This crew doesn’t get that and they’re going for broke. In their last-ditch effort to undo the Republican form of government and capitalist economic foundation of America, the Progressives are putting it all out there in the hopes that their boldness will inspire and motivate their beleaguered socialist soldiers to hit the streets for their movement’s leader, Comrade Bernie Sanders. This is forcing the rest of the Democrats to endorse the positions he ran on in 2016, so if it’s not Bernie, at least he’ll be their benchmark.

Beyond the insanity of the economic policies being proposed, many of the Democrats have revealed not only that they’re not grounded in anything beyond political expediency, as evidenced by the profound flip-flops by Gillibrand and Biden, on well, everything, but also, that they’re willing to lie as if there’s no Internet. From Buttigieg’s ridiculous photo of himself ‘drinking 40s with the homies’ to Kamala’s pandering (and lying) to Charlemagne about smoking pot to Tupac and Biggie, while she was prosecuting their followers for doing the very same. From Fauxcahantas doing her best Dolezal; to Gillibrand’s positively cringe worthy Gay Rights Insta post. And from Bobby Francis’s ‘Don’t hate me because I’m a rich white guy’ and Crime Bill Biden’s everything is racist, they’re going the Full Monty on every failed idea from Hillary’s campaign and then some.

Now it’s not just Obamacare, it’s full socialized medicine. It’s not ‘equal pay’, it’s pay for no work. It’s not ‘clean up the environment’, it’s no plane travel and carve up the country for trains which no one will use. And speaking of the environment that they supposedly care about, I’m still waiting for someone – anyone – on the Left to even criticize, much less call for the prosecution of, the Obama EPA officials who spilled millions of toxic waste water into the Colorado River in the 2015 Gold King Mine waste water spill. Not holding my breath for that though, because I was already holding it waiting for Obama’s folks to prosecute the bankers from the housing crisis. (Hint – not a single one was). Man but this waiting for Democrats to keep their promises thing is exhausting.

They like to paint Trump as being divisive, but the division started long before he was President and even candidate. As I’ve written about before, conservatives basically want to be left alone to live their lives. Sure, they may fight to limit the amount of abortions, or to preserve their ability to practice their faith without having others’ agendas thrown in their faces, but they are basically live and let live kind of people. It’s Democrats who call for censorship of people they don’t agree with, (calling speech ‘violence’ while they are actually violent); trying to destroy businesses that oppose their stance on gay marriage; reaching into the archives of history to find any little thing someone has said, posted or Tweeted to use against them. For the people that incessantly cry ‘fascism’ and ‘nazi’ against Trump and conservatives, it is they who act like brown shirts.

We’ve seen what Democrats are offering; from the media, Hollywood and college campuses, to the increasingly radical Left politicians running to be the leader of the free world. This country simply cannot afford to elect any of them, we would not survive. We are already on the edge as it is, but if any of the people running for office, or the two I think are waiting in the wings (Hillary and Michelle O.) are elected, it will be over.

Say goodbye to the Constitution and your 1st and 2nd Amendments; the borders will be opened and amnesty pushed through; and the suppression of conservatives by Big Tech will know no bounds, for they are all in bed with the Democrats.

No, America, for all his quirks and idiosyncrasies, President Trump is the only option for 2020, and we must also try to get as many Trumpian Republicans into office as possible. He’s better than they think and the Democrats are worse than anyone can comprehend. They are no longer ‘your father’s Democrat Party’; they are the Party of Lenin, Marx and Mao. So Patriots, if you love America, even if you don’t love Trump, you simply cannot vote Democrat.


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