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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Hillary Scorned

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Tim Allen was right when he said ‘The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they're gone, they show up again." I don’t have it, thank God, and I know it’s a gross analogy, but it works, and here they are, back again, the Grifters extraordinaire – Bill and Hillary Clinton, just in time for the election, throwing their Molotov cocktails, er, two cents in, especially her. The Battleaxe herself told Biden he shouldn’t concede under any circumstances so they could try to rig the election, again, she no doubt having been promised some Cabinet position like Vengeance Czar. She probably thinks she should be the one running anyway, obviously frustrated she didn’t think of the whole ballot-harvesting scheme back then. She only lost the Electoral College by about 80,000 votes after all. That damned Constitution!

Remember, Killary’s not only the one who paid for the dirty fake Russian dossier on Trump, but also for Robert Creamer and his goons to mobilize the people who beat up Trump supporters during the campaign of 2016 and since. And with the full cooperation of the DNC and their media hacks, she rigged the election and debates against Bernie, even getting debate questions in advance by then DNC Chair Donna Brazille, who inexplicably now works at Fox. Hillary Clinton is the supreme example of ‘If I can’t have it, no one can’, and so here she is to sow more trouble and discord in a country already fraught with both. It’s amazing the complete lack of self-reflection of both her and her husband, he having recently spoke at the DNC Convention even after photos came out of him getting a massage by one of Epstein’s reputed sex slaves. The same day in fact.

A positive note however, is that unlike when he was president and all the liberal women offered him their own sexual favors if he’d just keep their right to murder their babies, this time at least, there was outrage. Because the Revolution always eats its own, eventually even Slick Willy got crucified by the Perpetually Outraged Woke Mob and mowed down by MeToo. She’s crazy, but sometimes even Rose McGowan is right.

No, it’s hilarious that this screeching bovine Hill still doesn’t get why she isn’t ‘50 points ahead you might ask’? Especially since we’re all asking ‘Why aren’t you in JAIL’?! And to those who say ‘Why are you still talking about Hillary?’ I have to paraphrase the excellent YouTuber Jericho Green who says ‘I try to be done with the Clintons but they just won’t let me’. At least she’s not running again, although Sleepy Joe ought to be a little worried he may get ‘Clintoned’ if he comes out of the Bingo Basement without security. But she’s still so wicked that her even having any involvement in a potential Biden administration would be terrifying. A ‘Biden Administration’ itself would be the end of America, but with Hillary at the wheel, it would be warp-speed destruction.

The bizarre thing about the Democrats is that they’ve gotten so terrible at ‘reading the room’. I mean, does anyone really want this cackling old white lady and her pervert of a husband on the scene? Is there really a market for the Clintons when you have a group of young radicals ready to take over? A couple of indefatigable hucksters who raked up millions of dollars shilling for big corporations? Sure, all the Democrats want to be wealthy and love Wall Street, Obama got more donations from them than any other candidate in history. But you’re not supposed to be so blatant about it, not in the Cultural Revolution era. In fact, it’s surprising Anderson Cooper is still alive after having asked in 2016 why she took $675,000 for three speeches from Goldman Sachs, especially as her answer was so terrible.

In the midst of the terrible racial riots we’re enduring in America, Hillary Clinton is like lighter fluid on a bonfire, she doesn’t want to ‘unify’ anything other than the opponents of her enemies none of the Democrats do. In fact, recall what Hillary herself said to DNC-CNN’s Christianne Amanpour “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about…That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.” As the Democrats paid minions in the Antifa and BLM movement, who now maraud the streets with guillotines chanting ‘Death to America’ have said multiple times if they don’t get their way, they’ll just ‘burn this f-er down’. Hillary’s their champion.

They’ve been behind all of it since Trump announced anyway, the Creamer stuff, the Soros money & ‘pussy-hat resistance’, Antifa and BLM violence, all of it. She and Obama. And Soros of course. But we’re not playing anymore, we’re done being civil while your minions rage, thrash and beat. We’re fighting back now, and we have a President who fights back too. You’ve got Antifa? Fine. We’ll see your man-bun-wearing beta-males and raise you our Alpha-male studs, and your blue-hair having pussy-hat wearing ‘feminist’ jackals and raise you strong, smart, conservative female warriors! And we’ll add all of the new MAGA-team members of the ‘groups’ you think you ‘own’, like black conservatives, hispanics, Asians, etc.

They’re going to be quite surprised at how may WalkAways there are because they don’t understand how many people still love America. The calls to CSPAN after the RNC Convention should’ve unnerved them. Despite what seems like a massive group of angry over privileged anarchist children making trouble – in their name - the majority of Americans want peace, prosperity and security. The squeaky wheel gets the grease which is why their force looks so big, but they’ll see our MAGA Army on Election Day.

So go back into the woods Killary, your time is up!

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