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It’s Official, Obama Reluctantly Endorses Sleepy Joe!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Well, well, well, it’s finally happened! Barry Soetoro, aka, former president Barack Obama has endorsed Sleepy Joe for President. It looked more like a hostage video⏤than a rousing endorsement of his former Vice President. In the video, super-latecomer Obama both railed against Trump, Republicans and Fox News, and is now on record as supporting Biden out of sheer desperation; ‘an old white guy’ (who Democrats hate) the only one left out of a ‘diverse’ field of 29. A candidate who clearly has serious cognitive issues, if not dementia; Joe Biden is the oldest person to ever seek the nomination.

DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) has Tweeted that they don’t support Biden, and Briahna Joy Gray, Sanders’ former national press secretary, ‘made clear on Twitter that she will not follow her former boss’s lead. “With the utmost respect for Bernie Sanders, who is an incredible human being & a genuine inspiration, I don’t endorse Joe Biden,” Gray tweeted.’ Joe Biden is absolutely not going to be accepted by a lot of the Bernie Bros, despite the fact that the consummate loser Bernie himself endorsed Biden.

Comrade Cortez, who is astonishingly, the de facto head of the Democrat Party, though she’s said she would vote for the Democrat nominee, has not as of this writing been contacted by Biden. Wonder what that means, since it’s obvious that Obama has been working behind the scenes to herd all of the other candidates in line behind Sleepy Joe.

There are those who may be far Left and who would prefer a different candidate, have as their exclusive goal to defeat Trump and though they once vehemently opposed Biden, they will vote for him, much like Cruz supporters for Trump. But the loyal Democrats give Democrats a pass, though they rail against Trump for everything from the Access Hollywood comments to his stance on immigration and call him racist at every turn, accept every racist comment Biden has made, (Obama first ‘clean’ African American) his past praise of segregationists, and the videos of him touching kids. It be good to be a Democrat, it means you can get away with anything.

As predictable, James Clyburn and John Lewis, two very influential Democrats in the Civil Rights movement, have endorsed Biden, and in fact, Clyburn’s endorsement in South Carolina helped Biden win that state, and likely helped in many Southern state victories for him. Being an avowed Socialist didn’t help Bernie in those states. That and the fact Bernie was stupid enough to skip marching at Selma to campaign in California. How his advisor, activist Nina Turner, who herself is black, thought that was a prudent decision is beyond me. And I don’t personally believe that not marching at Selma should be such an important measure of your commitment to black voters, it’s nice, but it’s just Democrat pageantry. I believe politicians should be held more to the ‘What have you done for me lately’ philosophy, but in the black American community, marching in Selma was important and Bernie didn’t go. And people were watching.

Thus we find ourselves in Campaign 2020. Amidst a pandemic, or should I say ‘Planned-demic’, with Donald Trump as President and Joe Biden as his Democrat opponent.

It should already be over with Trump as the winner, and maybe it is⏤but Democrats are diabolical. The recent moves by Michelle Obama talking about national ‘Vote By Mail’ indicate as always, they’re willing to cheat to win. Don’t believe me? Look up ballot harvesting in California and how it turned an entire Red county in California (Orange County) blue. Yes, they cheat. From Chicago for Kennedy, to ACORN for Obama, to a friggin spy operation for Hillary, Democrats cheat. And this time two potential Supreme Court seats are on the line, for which they will fight to the death not to let Trump appoint them.

Make no mistake America, this is a cage match worthy of the UFC and MMA, and it will be brutal. Though Trump’s numbers are going up during this current crisis, the economy is being brutalized, and the shutdown has especially devastated industries that are part of his base: farming, oil production, small businesses, among others. He’s handling it well, while also giving the horrendous media delicious smackdowns, but his opponents and even his supporters know how crucial a roaring economy is to his re-election.

Those opponents are even now suggesting the economy stay closed until we have a vaccine for the Chinese Coronavirus. How do they think the bills will be paid? Oh yeah, they’ll be begging the Federal government, aka the guy they call ‘literally Hitler’, Trump for money.

They’re exposing who they are, power-grabbing tyrants! Just like Pelosi and Schumer, who are holding up the additional funding for small business relief to hurt the economy, which they think hurts Trump.

Many state and local Democrat officials are taking dictatorial measures to both suppress their citizens and harm the economy as much as possible⏤all under the guise of ‘caring about the people’. Don’t believe them!

The only thing they care about is POWER! And as I’ve said before and will say until I’m blue in the face, they will do whatever they have to in order to keep it, even defend the Communist government of China, which started this whole nightmare.

So remember in November America, the Democrat Party of old is gone, having been replaced by a Far-Left, Oligarchical Socialist Party who wants to strip you of every personal right, from the right to Free Speech, Assembly and Worship, to the right to defend yourself while they insanely let criminals out during a shutdown.

I’ll ask the question again: Are there still enough Patriots left to Save America? Because it’s more clear than ever that you have a choice to make – Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery?

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