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Jesse Kelly is Right!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Who is Jesse Kelly and why does he matter? Besides being the self-professed ‘World’s best burger maker and napper’ and who doesn’t think those are essential, he gets it. What does he ‘get’? He gets who we’re up against as a country. He gets who the Democrats really are – Communists – and how feckless the current iteration of the Republican Party and ‘Conservative, Inc.’ are and that they need to be replaced. In short, Jesse Kelly is King of the New Right.

When he says New Right, which I’ve been saying for a while before I heard him say it, he means fighters, people who aren’t afraid of the inevitable name calling that will come with being on the Right. Words like racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc. all of the terms that heretofore have caused Republicans to tremble with fear and run to the nearest microphone to proclaim their innocence. In essence, people who aren’t afraid of the media and the Left. It’s a rallying cry for the Patriots and elected Republicans to stop cowering to the Communists working to destroy the country.

One of the most nauseating but perhaps important things during the Trump Presidency was seeing how quickly Republicans would clamor for the opportunity to disavow Trump after he’d said something, perhaps indelicate, that you’d rarely if ever heard from a Republican before. It exposed not only how weak and spineless so many of them are, but also how self-interested. They’ve never been willing to fight for their own base against the Leftists who continually assault them. In fact, they seem to hate their own voters sometimes as much as the left does. It’s one of the reasons why I hope that if the Communists do take over, they go for the so-called Republican Conservatives first, because they knew what we were up against and did nothing to stop it.

Back to Jesse Kelly. Jesse is an Everyman, USA.. He’s a Marine, two-time Candidate for Congress from Arizona, former RV salesman and now radio and tv host. He calls himself The Oracle, brags about having ‘only’ community college credits, triggers feminists at every turn, never misses an opportunity to make hilarious jokes about Kamala Harris, and says although she’s pure evil, that he loves Pelosi. Why? Because she never backs down. In fact, she not only doesn’t back down, she doubles down – something the Right should emulate.

While he comes off as a goofy ‘bro’ type, in part because he talks about women as dimes and about how handsome he is, albeit freakishly tall at 6’ 8”, lol, he’s actually quite serious. A voracious student of history, he is a realist who understands and accepts the reality of human nature and wants to combat the worst elements of it rather than deny their existence. He knows where the road we’re traveling leads – nothing good – and daily issues the clarion call to resist it.

When you hear him destroy the Left on the issue of immigration with passionate exhortations about the horrors of the rape trees and how women and children are sexually assaulted as a rule on those treks, he shows himself as a deeply caring person. He rightfully decries he false self-professed compassion of the Left as the actual complicity in the abuse that it is. The way he talks about his two sons as his ‘little buddies’, and how he would do anything for them, is endearing. His silliness and self-deprecating humor belie a values-based morally grounded family man who has the right perspective and the will to fight to preserve the nation he fought for and loves. He’s a Patriot who honors our Heroes every Monday with Medal of Honor recitations. Jesse fills a void left by Rush Limbaugh and the degeneration of Fox News at a time when we desperately need fearless, unapologetically conservative anti-Communists willing to tell the hard truths.

The reason I think Jesse is an invaluable part of the Conservative movement, or what he calls simply anti-Communist, is because he understands the importance of culture, something I talk about and write about all the time. ( As Andrew Breitbart said ‘Politics is downstream from culture. Culture is everything and the Right has abdicated it. We’ve had it wrong and now we’re paying for it, dearly. The Left owns everything related to the culture, even the Church. Sure Frank the Marxist oversees the Catholic Church, but the Protestant Church has been infiltrated as well. See all the BLM and rainbow flags at churches all over America last year? We’ve been asleep while the Communists have been busy.

The reason he’s most invaluable is because he doesn’t care what anyone says about him, especially the Left. He doesn’t care if you call him racist, in fact he mocks such attempts to caricature him. He says it’s because he’s a sociopath, but I think it’s because he just understands you have to NOT CARE what they call you. President Trump was great at this and I use the example of illegals and the wall to illustrate this. Trump said ‘Oh, you don’t like that I use the word Illegal? I’m gonna keep using the word illegal.’ ‘Oh, you don’t like that I talk about building a wall? Well it just got 10 feet taller’.

That was what was so important – and disruptive – about Trump, is that he didn’t care if he offended the Left, in fact he relished in it. It drove them crazy of course, but more importantly, it also inspired the Right to fight back. If you want the soldiers to take incoming, let them see the General doing so. So it was/is with Trump. Whether you like it or not (and I do, very much), you would never have the F- Joe Biden chants without having had Trump. And while it may give the Left and some of the eunuchs on the Right the vapors, it’s absolutely delicious. We’ve listened to the F- Donald Trump song for 4 years, now it’s your turn. Don’t like it? Too f-ing bad. And you’re gonna get more of it. As Jesse says ‘Whatever your enemy hates, feed it to him’. They hate the idea of an empowered Right fighting back, because they’re so used to cowing them into submission with the ‘r word’, because let’s admit, the Republican Party is mostly white. That’s changing also though, as Trump has created the most multi-racial Republican coalition ever. And this after getting called a racist every day. Why? Because he fought back and wasn’t afraid.

So it is with Jesse Kelly. He doesn’t care and that’s essential. In this fight to save the country, with wolves coming at us from every direction, there is no time for political correctness and niceties; they’re killing us in fact. This go along to get along attitude only goes one way and that’s with the Right grabbing the ankles and giving the Left the win. No more. But we need leadership and people willing to take the slings and arrows to inspire others to get into the fight and not back down, like Trump does, and like Jesse Kelly does. I don’t say this as some fangirl blowing sunshine up his butt, he’s as likely to be a jerk as any of the other famous people I’ve met. It’s simply to acknowledge that if we have any chance of saving this country, we need ruthless warriors to both be in the fight and to lead it. That’s why Jesse Kelly is Right.

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