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Liberalism Is a Schizophrenic Ideology

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The ‘get Trump’ effort of impeachment is just the latest in a long string of examples of how profoundly hypocritical the Left is, and how they’ve managed to turn so many things upside down. It’s stunning how they can have dozens or even hundreds of examples of themselves opposing the very thing they’re now clamoring for, without even the slightest hint of shame and self-reflection. It’s as if they’ve gotten so used to the media covering for them that they don’t even need to address what they’ve said before. ‘We have it on tape’ we say, yet they still ignore it and often the issue du jour goes away. It’s sort of an ‘If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to see it did it really fall’ type of thing. It would be amusing if it weren’t so dangerous. These people have tremendous power after all.

To actively be a liberal seems almost literally like playing football and having the goalposts and score change on every play. Oh, you thought you were on the 5-yard line? Nope! Now you have to drive it 10. You thought you needed 7 points to win a touchdown? Psyche, now it’s 15. But don’t think that adjusting the plays to suit the new rules is going to help you, because in the next quarter they’ll change again, and you won’t know until after it’s started. Even writing and then reading that makes me feel a little bit crazy, and that’s just what happens with liberals – they’re crazy and making everyone else crazy.

Liberals used to be for things like Free Speech & due process, for example, they started the former in Berkeley and bemoaned the abandonment of the latter by complaining about the McCarthy era, when in fact they’re doing the exact same thing now, with groups like Antifa protesting conservative speakers and blacklisting people they disagree with, doing everything they can to destroy them so they don’t have a voice. Just look at how fast and furious the Cancel Culture is.

And they’re getting away with it, because they’ve set up a system that, although made up of less people than the ‘silent majority’, is so loud that they get all of the attention. Most people don’t protest, particularly conservatives – even people they don’t like – because it’s not in their nature, they just want to leave others alone and be left alone. Not so with the Left, their nature is not only to oppose their ‘enemies’, and aggressively and violently if necessary, but to destroy them. They are like the people in the movie The Patriot who burned down the church – with the people locked inside.

Here are some examples of their hypocrisy, which anyone who wants to counter them should use as a resource guide, for it is only by forcing them to face their own hypocrisy and putting it like a mirror up to their face that we can possibly convert them and make them stop their treachery. At the very least show them what liars they are. And surely Independents don’t agree with a lot of this stuff?

‘Whistleblower’ Impeachment Hoax – literally everything Democrats said was unacceptable about the Republicans’ impeachment of Bill Clinton – verbatim – they are saying about Trump. From Nutty Nancy Pelosi to Nasty Nadler to Sleepy Joe Biden, it’s all on You Tube, check it out and show your liberal friends.

Feminism – after decades of fighting for ‘equality’ for women, the Left is advocating for biological men to be able to ‘identify’ as women and to compete in women’s sports. Where are the feminists? I’m not one myself, but I don’t understand, how can you have fought so hard for Title 9 and against sex discrimination in sports but now allow men to compete as women? And on the other hand, if there is no ‘gender’, why do you care about having the ‘first female President’? Couldn’t it just be a man who ‘identifies’ as one?

Science – Liberals say they believe in ‘science’ and ‘the science is settled’ on issues like ‘climate change’, but they can’t even agree on the fact that there are only 2 genders, or that only ‘women’ can give birth. How is basic biology not covered under science, don’t they watch National Geographic?

MeToo – after Trump was elected, the accusations about Harvey Weinstein came out and the ‘MeToo movement’ was started. Now putting aside the fact that everyone knew about Weinstein, it’s being exposed that NBC was covering up for Matt Lauer, Andy Lack and Noah Oppenheim, among others in the media. And now CNN is refusing to even acknowledge the major Project Veritas scoop of Amy Robach’s hot mic tape that she knew – 3 years ago – about Jeffrey Epstein but ABC killed the story. And she’s on tape saying she believes 100% that he didn’t commit suicide but was in fact murdered. Kind of a big story, don’t you think??? After all, don’t liberals care about women getting abused?

Abortion and the Death Penalty – the modern Democrat Party balks at any restrictions at all on abortion. So much so that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t renounce abortion up until the day of birth while she was running for President. And remember how Virginia Governor Northam talked about keeping the baby comfortable after a botched abortion to determine what they whether to execute it or not? But these are the same people who are against the Death Penalty. So they want to kill the baby but save the baby killers, have I got that right?

Choice – Liberals want to have the right to ‘choose’ everything from their gender, to whether to abort their baby and up until what date, but God forbid children get educational option of ‘School Choice’, oh, no, can’t have that. Sorry kiddies, you can choose to kill your offspring or mutilate your genitals, but you will not, under any circumstances, be free to choose how to educate your mind and escape the grip of the teachers unions, that is verboten!

Religion – like garlic to a vampire, so does the Left hate religion. Well, let me qualify that, they hate the religions of Judaism and Christianity, and the Judeo-Christian values this country, and Western civilization were built on. But they don’t actually hate religion; in fact, they’re quite fond of Islam. Sure, most don’t know anything about it or the commandments in its books, and yes, these brainless lemmings would probably be first on the (literal) chopping block of Jihadi John or Mohammed. But because its adherents in America and the West are a minority, (for now), they love it and protect it at all costs. It’s interesting though, they covered the Catholic church scandals with sneering glee, glad that the perverts were taken down (as am I), but have no curiosity about what might be happening in the mosques. Nope, it’s not at all strange that a religion forces their women to wear tarps and sit in another room while the old men hang out all day with little boys. Nothing at all.

‘Big Money in Politics’ – The Left is forever clamoring about the Koch brothers, which is a pretense and a joke of course, because Democrats get boatloads of cash from millionaires and billionaires, from Hollywierders to hedge-fund managers. Obama got more from Wall Street than any other candidate in history after all. But they’re all only too happy to take money from billionaire subversive and communist George Soros. Don’t believe the hype, they love the cash, they just don’t want conservatives to be able to get any.

Yes, there is hypocrisy on the Right on some issues, impeachment being one, I admit it. There are plenty of videos of self-righteous Republicans preening for it against Clinton but now against it with Trump. But the ratio is so unbalanced with regard to liberal hypocrisy as to make those cases incidental.

The lunatic Left, which has destroyed many once great states, continues on its march to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into a third-world hellhole where only they and their cohorts have power.

They know even when Republicans win elections they won’t fight back against them anyways. Let the recent election of the child of Weather Underground murderers in San Francisco to the DA’s office foreshadow what’s coming to the rest of America: he’s said he “will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes, crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted.’ Pooping on the street is a-ok, but God forbid you use a plastic straw! To the guillotine with you!

It’s not theory anymore, they’ve shown who they are and they can’t deny the truth. The policies which the Left seeks to instill on the rest of the country are completely insane and dangerous, yet in general the turnout of the citizens over which they rule is still very small. You can’t complain if you don’t vote, people, and you can only ‘move’ so far before they’ll control where you move to.

Freedom is always tenuous at best when everything is calm and sane, it’s almost impossible in rough seas with crazy shipmates, and that’s where we are. So please, for the love of God, America, regardless of party, if you love this country and don’t want to live like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, these monsters must be stopped! #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

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