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Please Hillary… KEEP TALKING!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

How Hillary Clinton’s continued denial of the real reasons she lost the presidency belies the overall shortcomings within the entire Democrat Party platform.

Can someone please tell Nana she lost the election? I wish that were my line, but it was Stephen Miller’s on Gutfeld’s show. Funny though, right? But it’s true, she’s so delusional, (and is acting like a crazy grandma) she actually thinks the election was ‘stolen’ from her. She didn’t say that exactly in reference to herself, but it’s what she inferred while out on a speaking tour with her husband and former president, a tour which is so unpopular they’re now selling tickets for as low as $2 per person. These are the same grifter Clintons who used to get $250,000 per speech for her, and after the Uranium One deal went through, $500,000 for Bill Clinton in Moscow, while she was Secretary of State, the latter of which reflects not only a huge conflict of interest, but which is probably illegal. Funny how prices change in relation to the amount of influence politicians have to sell. I bet they’re glad they got what they could.

At least she’s showing some self-reflection over exactly why she, the presumed winner, lost the presidency though. Just Kidding! No, Hillary Whitewater Benghazi Clinton is not only not conceding to any (real) deficiencies in her campaign or in her messaging, but the bitter Hill is still riding the rusty Russian choo-choo blame train. And now, after the draining, despicable and divisive Russian Collusion hoax having been debunked, the hoax which she herself is responsible for starting, Madame ‘Servers in the Loo’ Bleach Bit herself is saying that Trump should’ve been indicted. I mean, you’d almost think that she hadn’t kept a secret server next to the bidet in Chappequa, deleted 30,000 emails, sent classified emails on an unsecured server, and busted up her government issued Blackberry’s with hammers (after lying about how many devices she used). Almost.

After all this time, 2 ½ years since the election, you’d think that the woman who fainted on national television and then lied about being sick, who’d previously called young black men super-predators, who called half of America ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable’, not to mention every –ist descriptive imaginable, would have some self-reflection as to why she lost. But Hillary Clinton is a special breed of narcissist, the bitter scorned-woman type. See, she was the one who really should’ve been president, not Bill. But because, in her mind, she’s a woman, she had to put in and pay her political dues while riding on the coattails of her much more politically savvy and affable, albeit lecherous husband. In 2016 though, it was due her, she was owed, it was her turn. She still didn’t understand how that nobody newcomer Barack had stolen it from her the first time in 2008, but damned if the neo-phyte clown Donald Trump was gonna beat her this time. But that’s exactly what he did, and she’s still not over it, and in fact, though it’s her who can’t stop whining about how she should’ve won, she says he is living rent-free in Trump’s head! Imagine!

Now sure, you could say that external factors played a role in her loss, of course, such as the leaked emails, which was Podesta stupidity not Russian ‘hacking’ and the Comey clusterf#@k press conference. But with regard to the emails, she’s never denied either the validity or the substance of what was in them, just that they shouldn’t have been leaked. It takes a special kind of hubris to have all your dirty laundry out there and they complain that the real problem is the clothesline it’s hanging on. I mean really, what they did to Bernie Sanders with Democrat National Committee leaders Debbie Marblemouth Schultz and Donna ‘I gave her the debate questions in advance’ Brazille was so crooked, you’d almost think Comrade Bernie was in on it the way he so quickly jumped on board the Hillary bandwagon after she won the primary. He did get conveniently wind up with a new $600,000 lake house at the time after all, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

While some Democrats, including surprisingly people like Bill Maher, wish she’d just go away, I myself am absolutely thrilled Hillary is ‘coming out’ so to speak. Because although she’s diabolical, particularly her associations with the human waste products of David Brock and George Soros, she just reminds everyone how unlikeable she is. I mean, you could say a lot of things about Trump, but at least the guy’s charming and funny, and despite his vast wealth and status, was able to speak with and endear himself to, common working people and make them really feel like he cared about them.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is as engaging and personable as a turnip, and came off as an out of touch elitist. And that laugh! The hyenas on National Geographic would be terrified!

The bottom line is this: No one told Hillary to keep a secret email server, lie about it, and then make jokes about it after being busted; to disparage half of the American populace; to blow off the blue states; to tell coal miners she was going to put them out of business; or to engage in the most base identity politics imaginable. (I’m a woman who, yes, would like to see a woman president someday – just not THAT woman!) She did those things all by herself. Even Slick Willy tried to get her to focus on ‘the folks’ but her ego wouldn’t allow her to listen. In her mind she had it in the bag: until she lost it. In our minds she was out of touch, and remains so.

Now she’s back, looking as crazy as she did in the ‘So why aren’t I 50 points ahead you might ask’ video, still kvetching, deflecting and denying the truth, which is this: Hillary honey…except for the coasts, America’s just not that into you! And despite what you may tell yourself, it’s the Electoral College votes that give the win, not the popular vote, and you knew that when you ran. So by all means please keep talking about how you almost had it, should’ve had it and now, insanely, how it was ‘stolen from you’, because we never want those Democrat and Independent voters to FORGET how awful you really are – no one likes a sore loser after all. And perhaps one day, beyond the din of the feminist caterwauling and liberal lamentations, even your own voters will see the truth, which is that you are just an out of touch elitist, who (like Obama), doesn’t care about anything more than personal power and wealth. Obviously – and thankfully – the rest of America did. Thank you Deplorables!

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