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Dear Republicans: STOP Defending Yourselves Against Liberal Lies!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

One of the biggest problems the Right has is that they are always on defense. They never go on offense with preemptive attacks like the Left does, but rather always assume whatever the Left says about them is true and therefore worth defending against. It’s why we lose. At least that was Pre-Trump. There are 2 schools of Republicans/Conservatives – Before Trump and After Trump (New Right). The problem is that too many of the Pre-Trump are still the ones in power. We need many more in the New Right category.

Before Trump, and even during his campaign and Presidency, whenever he would say something indelicate or spicy, the kneejerk reaction was for every Republican to run to the nearest camera to disavow. The implication was always that if Trump said it and the media called it racist, they would therefore be called racist. It was never on principle, it was merely self-defense and preservation. But they were too stupid to realize that by not denouncing as ridiculous the claim against themselves, they were not denouncing the claim against theirvoters. And by defending themselves at all, the slander would continue.

Trump on the other hand not only pushed back against false allegations, he doubled down on whatever a supposedly problematic statement was. Remember when ‘journalists’ were saying that using the term illegal alien was offensive? Most other Republicans would have not only immediately stopped using it, but self-flagellated and prostrated themselves before the media to beg forgiveness. Please oh powerful media, don’t call me racist, anything but that. Trump on the other hand, baller that he is said ‘Oh, you don’t like that I use the term illegal alien? I think I’m just gonna use the term illegal alien’. And when they said him saying he was going to build a wall on our southern border was racist, he said Oh yeah? Well the wall just got 10 feet higher.

Never back down. That is the message of Trump and Trumpism and my plea to any candidate in office or running for office as a Republican. We want fighters. We’re so tired of the feckless eunuch Republicans who are not only afraid to throw a punch against people with mortars, but who are afraid to even step in the ring. We elect you to stand in the breach on our behalf against the vicious Communists who want to hurt us and destroy our country. If you can’t or won’t even stand up for yourselves, how on earth will you stand up for us?

Part of what caused people to vote for Donald Trump – out of 17 candidates - many of them more experienced in politics, was beyond that he ‘wasn’t a politician’, it was that he wasn’t politically correct. Normal people hate political correctness. They hate walking on eggshells for fear of being scolded for saying something unapproved by the language police. Even some on the Left, particularly comedians, complain about it. Lefties like Bill Maher mock the Woke tyranny gripping the country, even going so far as to call them what they call us but which they actually are – fascists. When you’re on the Left and you lose a Lefty like Maher, you’ve really done something. If Maher can recognize how ridiculous the Left is, why can’t Republicans?

Of course when it comes down to it, Maher will choose the Left over the Right and is more than likely to call us racist even as they say that about him. So he’s no hero just because he says something intelligent and unbiased every once in a while. But it illustrates the point, which is that the Liberal Mob is as illiberal as you can get. But more than that, they are liars. Their entire premise of finger pointing is a farce. The idea that the actual Party of Jim Crow, lynching, slavery and segregation has the right to call anyone else is racist is ridiculous on its face. Yet claim it they do, promote it the media does, and apologize for things that they’re not responsible for Republicans forever oblige.

Stop it. Stop apologizing. Stop explaining yourself. Stop assuming anything they say is true and valid and in fact, throw it back in their face. When they call you racist, say they’re racist. When, as Jesse Kelly says, they ask you to condemn ‘white supremacy’, you demand they condemn pedophilia. Have a spine. Stand up against this relentless narrative that is illegitimate but which has given them so much power. I promise you, once you show them that you know how and are willing to fight as ruthlessly and viciously – without quarter – as they are, the attacks will stop. They only continue because they think you won’t. Prove them wrong.

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