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Scrub Your Social Media Folks – The Liberal Brownshirts are Combing the Archives!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

As most everyone who doesn’t live in a cave knows, Kevin Hart has withdrawn from his Oscars hosting gig this year because the LBGT Mafia went after him for some Tweets he’d sent and some things he said at one of his shows about what he’d do if his son was gay – from 8 years ago. Never mind that he’s a comedian and they were JOKES, some the kind of jokes which gays make about themselves, and for which he’s already apologized numerous times. In 2018, any gay joke is verboten, even funny ones. The other joke is that they said the Tweets ‘resurfaced’, which is code for ‘some victim class a-hole went out of his way to look them up’.

Never ones to acknowledge their own hypocrisy though, the Left had to be helped out by Nick Cannon who ReTweeted past ‘homophobic’ posts by Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler, noticing the obvious disparity in punishment between the two situations. Additionally, those three not only still have Twitter pages, they still have jobs and have not been exiled, like Roseanne. Now if you can’t figure out what these three women have in common that Hart does not, it’s their race – they are white liberals. And Kevin Hart isn’t some right-winger mind you, in fact just a few months ago he was getting praised for telling Trump to ‘suck it’ on SNL, so I don’t really personally care about him getting trashed, as I despise both Hollyweird and liberals, I just hate the hypocrisy of it.

In addition to Hart, this week the newest Heisman Trophy Winner, a lovely young black man named Kyler Murray, was also outed for a couple of supposedly ‘homophobic’ Tweets of his – from when he was 14! That’s 8th grade to put it in perspective. And the writer, Scott Gleeson, a (white) gay writer for USA Today, who said the Tweets ‘resurfaced’, obviously not only looked for them, but waited until the very moment Murray had received the award to put the article out to inflict maximum damage during Murray’s moment in the spotlight. The piece was so ridiculous; Gleeson managed to unite the left and the right in condemnation, and had Mother Jones agreeing with Charles Cooke! Has hell frozen over? No, the faux and ever present liberal outrage is just so obnoxious and stifling that even the liberals who peddle it were annoyed by it.

One of the things that’s not even being discussed, but which Nick Cannon was alluding to, is that in the ever changing hierarchy of liberal victimhood, not only does hypocrisy apply in relation to punishment for whites and blacks in these situations, but gay trumps black every time. Kimmel, for instance, still has a show even though he did a video in full black face. But if a video or Tweets ‘resurface’ where he says anything even remotely considered derogatory against gays or trannies, even if it’s a joke they would tell themselves? No doubt Pink Slip for Jimmy!

This isn’t new, the LGBT Mafia takes no prisoners for those who deign to oppose anything about their lifestyle or agenda, as Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich discovered when he was outed for having donated to California’s Prop 8, the constitutional amendment that disallowed the marriage of same-sex couples in the state. And unsurpsingly, after saying in a statement after it was made public, ‘While painful, the events of the last week show exactly why we need the Web, so all of us can engage freely in the tough conversations we need to make the world better,” Mozilla Chairwoman Mitchell Baker didn’t offer Eich the courtesy of having his right to ‘engage freely in the tough conversation’, they just forced him out. Even more upsetting, though the voters of California passed the measure (with the black vote being the deciding factor by the way) it was overturned by the state’s Supreme Court, thus denying every voter their free engagement as well. The LGBT Mafia attacks don’t always work, as we saw with the Chick-Fil-A protests, where millions lined up for hours to support them after a boycott was called when it was discovered the owners opposed gay marriage. In fact, that’s the first time I ever had Chick-Fil-A myself. But a lot of times it does, and businesses are destroyed and fortunes are paid to attorneys to fight their merciless onslaught.

It doesn’t stop here though, and it doesn’t stop period, they will take scalps until there are no scalps left to take or unless they bludgeon everyone into submission. And to make it worse, the rules are forever changing. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the guy who allows his employees to ban conservatives while allowing the vitriol of Farrakhan and Sarsour to remain, discovered this himself this week as he is under fire for a ‘black face’ type Tweet and an apparent joke about a transvestite whereby he got slammed for not saying ‘transgender’ instead. The Jenga of identity politics has become so contorted that now even if you’re gay (like Dorsey) and you make a joke about a tranny, you’re in trouble.

Pretty soon the biggest protected class will be albino hermaphrodites. You laugh, but when I thought it too much of a stretch to include in my last article about the War on Christmas that the Left would soon go after candy canes, I was mistaken. This week Manchester Elementary principal Jennifer Sinclair actually sentmemorandum to parents and students informing them that candy canes were off limits because “Historically, the shape [of the candy cane] is a ‘J’ for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection. This would also include different colored candy canes.” I kid you not!

Yes, from shrieking about everything from candy canes to jokes to innocuous teen Tweets, the Left are positively insane and it really does not bode well for America if they get away with their destruction, which it seems they will, especially since they hold some of the biggest levers of power in the dissemination of information and culture, from the media to entertainment to Big Tech. The Google CEO was on Capital Hill today getting grilled over political liberal bias, and lied – to Congress – and said there is no bias. This even after they fired James Damore for ‘hate speech’ for acknowledging truths in a random memo he sent; to emails proving their efforts to boost the Latino vote in key states (election meddling anyone?); to a video of employees literally crying after the 2016 election. Think of how many searches are done daily on Google, how uninformed most voters are, and what the implications of programmer bias are for 2020 – it should make you shudder.

This is why I’m grateful for Trump. And I know it gets redundant to say but each day, with each new bit of insanity, it gets reaffirmed anew. And not because I’m a sycophant, but because I’m a Patriot and I see how much our country is in danger of coming apart. That’s not hyperbole either, from Paris to Portland, it’s what happens when politicians – in both parties – both overlook and ignore the people they’ve been elected to serve. Notice the word serve here too, they’re supposed to serve the interests of their constituents, not themselves or their donors, but that’s exactly what they do. So you may not like Trump’s style, his Tweets or his mannerisms, he’s the one politician, getting in the ring each day, taking the brutal hits, to fight all of this madness.

For the Left is on a rampage, from political policy to political correctness, and anyone who gets in their way will be destroyed. The only solution is to defeat them, one battle at a time. I don’t watch the Oscars anyway, but in solidarity with the opponents of liberal hypocrisy, I would boycott them this year, as I hope millions do.

We the People must engage in every battle in this culture war if we want to save our country and Keep America Great.

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