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Stand Firm MAGA Patriots! President Trump Needs You!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

After yet another of what seems like a never-ending string of mass gun-killings, the media was naturally in full force immediately to blame President Trump, and by default all of his supporters, as, you guessed it, racist. It’s nothing new of course, they do that all the time, but what’s happening now is creating real danger for conservatives. As Tucker talks about often, if you think someone’s a nazi, then you’d probably feel quite justified in doing anything you had to to stop them, and that’s what the Left believes and wants to do. And I mean anything.

Thus far, it’s been only political mudslinging, albeit on a massive and relentless scale, with a few serious but not fatal encounters between the Left and Right. That’s not to minimize any of the Leftist violence of course, just stating facts. There has been, from what I understand, 1 fatality by the so-called ‘right’, the vehicle homicide in Charlottesville, (we don’t claim neo-nazi’s though!) and one on the Left of an Antifa member, but other than those two instances, no one has actually died.

Steve Scalise was seriously injured in a shooting by a Bernie supporter who explicitly set out to kill Republicans, and many Trump supporters have been physically assaulted, mostly by Antifa, the white liberal soyboy pack of cowards who, like the KKK, hide behind their masks and other face coverings. There wasn’t too much outrage about that of course, because Scalise is a Republican, and even some on the Left like that detestable pile of crap Joy Reid actually rationalized it and practically blamed him! Leftists cheered online when gay immigrant journalist Andy Ngo was recently assaulted by Antifa punks in Portland from which he suffered a brain hemorrhage. So tolerant! I could go on and on about the physical assaults against the Right, which have been happening since Trump announced, and continue to this day.

With the massacres this weekend, since the first one indicated that the killer was a white nationalist, that was the only and entire narrative reported, and the inevitable conflation with ‘Trump’s rhetoric’ having been responsible for it. Yes, the killer did say anti-immigrant, racist things in his manifesto, but he was also an environmentalist wacko Democrat who included in his rant some of the talking points of the Left, such as about having less people on the earth being more ‘sustainable’. But even as he talks about this, he included this line, which the media has obviously left out for political purposes: “My opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president,” the document says.’ Are you f-ing kidding me??? NO ONE thinks it’s important to mention that little fact? Because I know you didn’t see it mentioned on CNN or MessNBC.

With regard to the Dayton killings, though they tried, with eager anticipation, to tie that one to Trump, once it was discovered he was an antifa-supporting Leftist who supported Bernie or Warren, it all but disappeared from the news. And there’s been no call for Democrats to tone down THEIR ‘rhetoric’, or blaming of them for the killing of 10 people, just back to Trump is a racist. And for the record, I call them killers, not ‘shooters’ because that’s what they are! I shoot guns, as do millions of others, including Democrats, but I haven’t and don’t intend to kill anyone, just to shoot a gun, which is my constitutional right! It galls me to see the use of the word shooter, because it automatically conflates law-abiding gun owners and enthusiasts with mass murderers.

The problem with the media reporting of this and other mass killings, and there are many, too many in fact to address in one article, is that they indict President Trump for the motives of someone who not only didn’t know him or have any affiliation with him, but someone who didn’t even like him. And now the only narrative that’s out there, beyond gun control, which I’m not going to address here either, is that he’s a racist and white supremacist. He didn’t shoot or kill anyone, though a Bernie supporter did, but he’s expected to ‘condemn white supremacy, which he’s already done multiple times. And when he does make a statement as such, it’s criticized for not being sincere. The guy simply can’t win with the media, and worse, their ‘rhetoric’ is making it ever more dangerous for him and anyone who supports him.

Beyond the heartbreak for yet another stupid, pointless massacre of innocent people, including children, what I felt is this incredible weight on my spirit, the feeling of pressure⏤knowing what the next 15 months is going to look like and be about.

The Democrats as a party and their allies in the media, entertainment and Big Tech are going for broke, and the onslaught will make the last 4 years look like a picnic. Last week was evident of that. Goebbels knew that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth and the Left knows that the most potent lie heretofore has been to call white people they disagree with racists.

While I wish the President didn’t actually acquiesce in their call to condemn it – again – I understand why he did so. But much like those horrible shirts ‘Republicans are not racists’ that the Blacks for Trump who attend rallies with, denouncing white supremacy gives a credibility to the charge in the first place. He’s not one, I’m not one, and neither he nor I as one of his supporters (including the growing number of black and Hispanic ones I might add) have to denounce that which I never supported. Nonetheless, he did, and my hope is that those who see subsequent media denouncement of his denouncement insufficient, will see that the entire thing is about politics and power and nothing else.

As I mentioned, like the so-called ‘kids in cages’ that the Left completely ignored under Obama, they don’t actually care about the people who died, they merely care about how they can use their deaths to their advantage. I know that’s harsh, but considering Fauxcahantas is now fundraising off it and MessNBC Stephanie Ruhle actually asked – before a single person’s even been buried – ‘could this moment be a chance for Beto to gain some momentum’. Yes, she really said that. I know, I can’t believe it either.

So please, if you’re a MAGA Patriot, pray for President Trump, he needs you more than ever, as does America, for we’re the only force standing between constitutional governance and socialism, literally. They’re going to launch a full-on assault, including possible false flags (yeah, I said it) and not only are they going to blame him, but they’re going to blame you for supporting him. They’re going to excuse if not encourage violence against anyone having to do with him, including people who donate to him, as we’ve seen with Joaquin Castro’s doxxing of Trump donors in San Antonio.

My message is to stay strong and stay the course, we’re winning! We’re winning the future for America and Freedom, and they know it. As they say, ‘you know you’re over the target when you start taking flak’, and Trump is over the target, that’s why they’re fighting him so hard! It’s going to be a bumpy road Patriots, and I know you’re already weary. Your resilience will be tested, but don’t give up, trust the Plan, and pray, always pray. God still has a hand in America, and He will see us through if we remain faithful.

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