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The Neo-Cons Finally Get Their War

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It should be clear now to anyone with a brain that one of the MAIN reasons the DC Establishment hates President Trump is that he opposed war and wanted to bring our troops home from the catastrophic and endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as keep them out of Syria and not escalate things militarily in the region. Because within 48 hours - they didn't even wait a whole WEEK - of Biden's installation after the Steal, he's sending more troops into Syria.

They've been itching to do this since what I consider a fake chemical attack there in 2019, when President Trump dropped some missiles but wouldn't escalate further than that, with only a small contingent of Special Forces redirected from Iraq, after the annihilation of Obama's ISIS pals. Now I'm certain Bill Kristol and Max Boot as well as the neo-con GOP Establishment with the stealth consent of the neo-con Dems, are Toobining themselves because now they're closer to war with the real target, Iran.

It doesn't make sense though, considering Obama, who's REALLY running the show for some unbeknownst reason, favors Iran and Syria, and Iran are allies in the region. After all, if you invade Syria, then it would piss off Iran, to whom Obama sent pallets of cash. One has to ask: What's the mission? What's the objective? Who and what are the targets? Did they suddenly reappear and reengage within hours of Biden's installation? More importantly, what's the end state to justify our reentering and reengaging in a conflict we pulled out of several years ago. Many questions must be asked.

So I don't get it other than to say that it's astonishing that in a time when millions are unemployed and without any government relief due to forced Democrat closures because of the PlanneDemic, and elected officials have recently been hammered for giving American citizens crumbs while sending $700 BILLION overseas, that they would be starting yet another war, and so soon into his term. Not to mention the recent hubbub over the Democrats in Congress relegating National Guard troops to an outdoor garage in the DC winter after using them as props for the Inauguration. But hey, that's just what politicians, especially Democrats do, right?

And for the record, NEVER let anyone tell you that Democrats don't love war too, they do! No, Code Pink only shows up when it's a Republican doing the warring. Even Lyin Brian Williams almost shall we say, crescendo-ed himself with erotic lusting over the missiles that were dropped in Syria. It really was something to watch. Yes, the Democrats are as warmongering as the GOP, they just prefer it's their side hitting the switch. Remember after all, Obama started TWICE as many wars as Bush, after he campaigned against the Iraq War!

What's even more despicable however, is that Democrats USED the 25,000 National Guard in DC for Biden's Installation for propaganda, then discarded them as used props to sleep in an open garage in 37* weather, then casually send troops off to Syria to potentially get killed by Obama's ISIS pals. The Left regularly smears the military, but are more than happy to use the military for their own purposes but don't actually care about them or their well-being. But hey, Hunter's stepmom brought them cookies, right?

So here we go again. The Anti-War President has been replaced, fraudulently, by bombs away Biden. I'm both heartbroken and furious. All conservatives who voted for President Trump should take their kids out of the military as soon as possible and smart people should not re-enlist at this time. Let the blue-hairs, SoyBoys and trannies go fight their wars and make all of the Suburban Soccer Moms who supposedly voted for CornPop because 'Trump Tweets mean things' send their little Brittany's and Brianna's over, considering they voted for him. Biden is allowing men in women's sports and bathrooms here at home anyway!

It's definitely a mess. The only hope is that people will realize what a mistake they made and that even though they don't like him, 'Orange Man Bad' was actually good for their safety (unless Democrats were rioting), their pocketbooks, and their country, and force Biden and the Democrats to retreat on this Kamikaze mission they're putting America on. Hopefully.

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