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The Real ‘Battle For America’: Black Lives Matter vs Blexit

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Amid the din of the race hustling that has been going on since the democrat sponsored Antifa and Black Lives Matter ‘Blitzkrieg of 2020’ after the killing of George Floyd⏤even though it sometimes doesn’t seem as if everyday normal Americans are winning, especially with regard to racial politics, I actually have some hope.

I’ve been saying for the past 10 years that only through a mass exit of black voters from the Democrat Party (#Blexit) could ‘save’ the country and free us from the eternal bondage to our history of slavery. So long as Democrats can profit from throwing the race card, they will continue to pick that scab and never let it heal, because it works. Until it doesn’t, and hopefully we’re approaching that moment now.

In addition to the fact that you can be sure that so long as the sun rises, Democrats will race-bait to cow their opponents into submission, you can also be sure that whatever strategic endeavor they attempt, they will always take it too far, especially in the era of Trump. It’s just their nature.

Liberals are kind of like hyenas. Hyenas are pretty disgusting animals who shriek wildly, defecate when they get excited and bring only chaos and violence wherever they go.

The Left is like that, just watch the news. And regarding the defecation, NYC to LA to San Francisco, wherever Democrats ‘lead’, there’s crap in the streets – literally. But seriously, go watch a video of hyenas, it’s a perfect example of how these pampered snowflakes who are out there terrorizing citizens on America’s streets are acting.

The good news though, is that people are not only getting fed up with their nonsense, but a lot of the people the Democrats are trying to appeal to in their Get Out the Vote effort, and make no mistake, that’s ALL this is about – the November election – aren’t having it. They’re seeing through the ‘black lives matter’ charade and see what they’re really about, and are calling them out on it.

I know it’s redundant, but Democrats need 85-95% of the black vote in order to win, and they usually get it. And Republicans have been incredibly neglectful in their attempts to reach out to black voters, and about that I’m sad. It’s why I love Trump so much. He’s really the first Republican to aggressively court what should be a natural Republican constituency – pro-family, pro-capitalism Christians. With that simple, blunt question ‘What the hell do you have to lose’, he blew up the political system forever, and may just destroy the Democrat Party in the process, God willing.

So as I see how quickly the BLM bullying has proceeded, from the Cancel Culture body count to the corporate bullying and acquiescence to the statue toppling, they’ve certainly made their mark and thrown down the gauntlet. What they haven’t counted on is the courage and conviction of their most important opponents, black conservatives, particularly black Christians.

One of the reasons Obama was put in office was to help normalize homosexuality in the black community, and by proxy help break down the black Christian church. Even black racists like Umar Johnson recognize this. The church is the cornerstone of the black community, and the black Christian church is one of the strongest bastions of faith in America. The Left has already infiltrated many of the other religious institutions, but since the Democrats use the black church for their ‘souls to the polls’, they’ve largely left it alone with regard to a direct assault. Then along comes ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM).

BLM is a Marxist, anti-American, anti-nuclear-family, anti-man group, which was founded by two lesbians. Their mission is antithetical to the black Christian church, and their platform is more about ‘queer’ and ‘trans’ than ‘black’, they just use race to achieve their mission. I’m quite sure if founder Patrisse Cullors wasn’t black, it would be called ‘Queer Lives Matter’, as that is their primary emphasis.

Some very interesting things have happened recently which confirm my position that among the other ‘battles’ taking place in America, the real or ultimate battle for the country will be between two groups: BLM and Blexit/WalkAway.

The issues surrounding race will not be ‘solved’ by white people, they will and can only be solved by black people themselves. The question then becomes, which side will win? The side that hates the country and believes it is simply irredeemable and must be destroyed? Or the side that knows the history, warts and all, and understands not only that there isn’t a better country on earth, but also believes in the principle of redemption and the forgiveness that came from the blood of Christ. I truly believe with all my heart the fate of the country resides in the result of that battle. Given our history, it’s simply how it must be.

For the good news. There have been many events taking place which make me feel that God is just sitting their rubbing his hands together and grinning, saying I’m going to stir this hornets’ nest here, this hornets’ nest there, and put His Hand in the culture. Buoyed by the foundation (and tremendous courage) of their predecessors, some of the voices in the modern black conservative movement making major waves in large part because of their understanding of the importance of culture include Candace Owens and her Blexit organization, Brandon Tatum, Civil Rights leader Bob Woodson and Burgess Owens among others, including popular social media influencers.

One person who recently moved the ball further down the field in a one hour interview was Angela Stanton King with her appearance on the Breakfast Club. She was one of the people President Trump pardoned in the First Step Act, and she not only held her own in a full on assault by the hosts, but destroyed them on every point, as evidenced by the overwhelming support in the comments section of the video, mainly by the black viewers of the black radio show.

Being that Charlemagne is the Sharpton of hip-hop, the importance of such an achievement cannot be overstated, for it is in the realm of culture that the battle will be fought.

Sports, in addition to music, is another important arena in the culture war, and sports tv has been so ‘woke’, such as at ESPN, that they’ve nearly destroyed their business with it. So it was refreshing to watch a black sports commentator, Marcelles Wiley, take them head-on by not only criticizing the decision of the NBA to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on its courts whenever the basketball season resumes, but to expose what the group’s actual mission is, which he explained: “Being a father and a husband — that’s my mission in life right now,” said Wiley. “How do I reconcile that … with this [Black Lives Matter] mission statement that says, ‘We dismantle the patriarchal practice. We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.’”

These may seem like small victories to the average person, but when you understand the complexities of the intra-racial discussion, you see that they are huge. There are others too, who are calling out BLM both in relation to the idea that ALL lives matter, but also the hypocrisy of saying those three words when there’s such an explosion of violence and murder of black people by black people, and BLM (or their Democrat endorsers) don’t seem to care. Which thus begets the question, exactly when do they matter?

It’s sad that we’re in this place as a country, never seeming to be able to move beyond the past racial history to a more unified solidarity, and for that I blame the Democrat Party. Race-baiting is their bread and butter, literally and figuratively, and that’s why they must be crushed! But in my prayerful opinion, the Awakening is upon us, and I’m hopeful that our side will win, it’s just a matter of whether we do it in time to save the country.

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