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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Since he first walked down the escalator and announced his candidacy for President, Donald Trump has talked about bringing America back to a position of strength – economically, militarily and psychologically – under the banner of his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. With the controversial comments about the Mexican government ‘not sending their best’, referring to some of the illegal aliens crossing the border being rapists (which some are) some have taken the slogan Make American Great Again to be referring to a racial description, it’s not!

After 8 years of stagnant growth (perhaps intentionally under Obama), exploding debt, and increased racial division (definitely intentional under Obama) Make America Work Again (MAWA) and Make America Proud of Its Self Again (MAPoISA) didn’t quite work nor fit as well on a baseball cap. So MAGA it was.

In Trump’s mind, America should be working hard and making things, not importing everything, disincentivizing work and encouraging welfare, as had been done by the Left and Obama.

He was (and is) angry that under devastating trade deals like NAFTA, American jobs had been shipped overseas, and the countries workers had been left hanging. Factories had closed, good paying manufacturing jobs had disappeared, Main Streets were suffering, small-towns were left financially, socially & spiritually, bankrupt because people had to leave to find work and couldn’t afford to remain local with their families. When a town is centered around a few large manufacturing centers, it is catastrophic for everyone in the community, from the employees themselves, to all of the surrounding businesses that serve the community and those employees. Many of which may be the first jobs for young people to get work skills for the future.

And though the conversation in the media about manufacturing jobs as they relate to Trump’s win centers on the ‘white working class’ in the industrial states, usually in an effort to portray him as racist, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, ‘black communities in cities across the United States also have seen devastating factory job loss in recent decades. In many instances, those communities have struggled to recover even more so than other areas… Manufacturing in the 20th century provided new opportunities for many black workers. Although black Americans still faced discrimination, working in manufacturing allowed many of them to do things like buy houses, save a little money and build vibrant communities. For the first time, many black families moved into the middle class.’ It’s not talked about much, because it implicates Bill Clinton and the Democrats, who’ve advocated so strongly for these trade deals, but people know the truth.

As Obama increased the debt so exponentially; and yes, under a Republican Congress to my profound anger and chagrin; he grew the food stamp and welfare rolls and championed the division that comes with racial and identity politics, there had grown not only a deep division within the country politically, but racially. Despite protestations to the contrary, Obama stoked that himself (Trayvon could’ve been his son), as did his wife (‘for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country’), and his Attorney General Eric Holder, among others. Holder not only said America had been cowardly on issues of race, but had declined to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) which harassed voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 election. Obama and his team made their position clear from the outset: we think America is racist and bad – and we’re the President, First Lady and chief Law Enforcement Officer. Think about that. How could they possibly represent people they thought were so bad?

Along comes this very unlikely candidate, who was able to galvanize people from all parties and no parties, and even, despite the incessant claims of racism, a significant proportion of black voters, to coalesce around what is basically an aspirational idea.

That America is a country, with borders; that it has a right to exist and has a right to be proud of itself; that it has great people, who, through the capitalism enabled by Liberty, have the greatest economy, military and ingenuity in the world and should develop those talents to their maximum capacity. He knows that when human beings are able to develop their own human potential, that they can use that potential and the fruits of that manifested potential, to help others. What’s not to love about that? I don’t have to tell you, you’ve watched the insanity that has occurred over the past 3 ½ years of Trump Derangement Syndrome for yourself, his opponents most certainly don’t love it.

Suffice it to say, President Trump has both reordered America on a footing of strength in the world again, as evident by the fact that a mere threat of tariffs has caused Mexico to acquiesce; has broken an astonishing number of his opponents, including the media and Hollyweird; and is stealthily re-calibrating the world against the globalists towards a new ‘New World Order’, one in which the people are served by their governments, rather than servants of them. It’s not easy, not smooth, and as yet, not complete, but there’s a very good reason the Left and their acolytes in Hollyweird and the media hate President Trump, as well as the Never-Trump Republicans – he’s not playing their game, and he’s exposing their corruption. And if it’s true what they say, the next few months will illustrate just how deep and despicable that corruption is. So if you love America, pray for Trump, Barr and the people investigating the investigators, because they’re about to turn over the money changers’ tables, and it’s not only not going to be pretty, it’s probably going to be dangerous. There’s a $4 trillion trough at stake.

Yes⏤from the day he announced to the day he won to the day he was inaugurated, Donald J. Trump has been proclaiming that America is back, and that with him at the helm America and its citizens would come first, and that he would do whatever he could to ‘Make America Great Again’. And from when he stood up and gave that wonderful toast to the Queen and recited FDR’s D-Day Prayer while in Britain, and honored their citizens sacrifices in the war, to when he gave that stirring and emotional speech at Normandy and saluted America’s D-Day heroes for theirs, he showed once again, that whatever our history, flaws and shortcomings, America is good and deserves to be acknowledged as such! I was both incredibly moved and impressed by those surviving D-Day veterans at their spunk and vigor, and pray they inspire the next generations to learn about and appreciate what they did to ensure liberty for them.

I was so proud to have a President there who, rather than lace his praise with criticism of the country for whom they fought, so unapologetically praised it, its people, and its sacrifice. To honor the strength, courage and epic valor that it took to endure those brutal conflicts at great cost to themselves in both body and spirit, for the cause of freedom.

America itself, and Western Civilization in general, hasn’t been perfect by far, but it’s good and right, and should be fought for with everything that free people can muster.

I’m grateful President Trump is leading America’s Team!

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