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Want to Fix America? Stop Electing Politicians.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It’s been said more times than can be counted, by voters of both parties and no party, and especially people that broke with their party, that the reason they voted for Donald Trump for President was because he wasn’t a ‘politician’. The other refrain was that ‘we need a businessman (or woman) running the country, not more politicians.’ Politicians always put their interests before yours. Period.

What is more brainless than creating a dangerous dependency with such a duplicitous, anti-American, anti-western country whose values are completely antithetical to yours? How did we become so reliant on the Communist Chinese? This is the same China who seek to destroy us and replace us as the world’s singluar superpower.

It’s the question Donald J. Trump has been asking for years, decades even, and a big part of the reason he won the Presidential election in 2016. He saw the pain and devastation of middle America, people who’d built this country but whose jobs had then been shipped overseas. He heard the cries of the mothers and fathers who’d lost their children to despair and drug addiction, a lot of which happens in cities and states which have no hope or economic future. For not only had their jobs been shipped overseas, but people had been (and still are being) imported to take the ones that remain. Trump talked about jobs, jobs, jobs, and it was the lifeline they’d been looking for, and got.

The jobs growth, economic expansion and opportunity for the ‘forgotten people of America’ was so great that even the Left had to acknowledge it, although ridiculously, they tried to give Obama credit for it. The guy who strangled businesses with burdensome regulations and who actively worked to destroy industries he didn’t approve of. Laughable but not surprising.

Trump came along and bucked the system, angering people in both parties, to such an extent that there was a bi-partisan coup attempt to get him out. (John McCain will be exposed soon enough, and maybe even his ‘special’ friend Lindsey, just you watch.) They simply couldn’t accept not only the disruption of an outsider or the interruption to the gravy train, but the potential exposure of their wickedness by the ‘Drain the Swamp’ guy.

Donald Trump knows who these people are, he’s worked with them for half a century, just read his book ‘The Art of the Deal’. And he’s done it all stone cold sober, so he knows where the bodies are buried. It’s why they hate him so much, and confirm that he’s the right person for the job. It should also illustrate that we need to elect less professional politicians into office and more business people, preferably those with small business experience.

People who know what it means to sign the bottom of a check, make payroll, make difficult financial decisions because it affects them directly. Not people who only know how to spend and give special favors which benefit them but with money they take out of someone else’s pocket.

Michael Bloomberg was a businessman before he became a politician and he’s as sold out to our greatest geopolitical enemy, China, as many of our politicians and their lobbyists are.

We The People need to be aware, educated and ever vigilant as to who is ‘representing’ us. My perpetual refrain is ‘Complacency is the Enemy of Liberty’, and you get this kind of disastrous outcomes when you’re not paying attention, and we haven’t been.

The Powers That Be, i.e. the Globalist cabal who tell the politicians what to do, know that in order to keep the populace distracted while you’re screwing them over, you have to keep them entertained and pacified, hence sports, TMZ, Netflix, Love and Hip Hop, Kardashians, and all of the other filth that comes out of Hollyweird. Most people don’t pay attention to politics because it’s both awful and dirty as well as complicated.

Transportation bill up for a vote in the House? Boring, but did you know Kim’s got a new lipstick out?

County Commission debating a new tax you’ll have to pay for 30 years? Snooze, did you SEE that Cardi B. twerk video?

U.S. military members investments likely going to Chinese companies to build weapons designed to kill them? Yeah, didn’t know that, but hey, did you watch the Season Finale of Game of Thrones?

These are the kinds of things that are being discussed on social media and in households all across America. Until the pandemic hit.

Now there are no sports to distract men, and millions are unemployed, so not only are they not distracted, but they’re also stressed out because they’re not able to pay their bills and take care of their families. That and afraid of getting sick and potentially dying, from a virus that China LIED about and allowed to spread all over the world, including, and especially, here in America, killing some of their relatives. Will people finally pay attention and ask the really important questions like How did this happen? Who can we punish for selling us out? Will anyone in power suffer the same fate we would suffer if we did that?

Democracy is hard work, and maintaining a Constitutional Republic entails enduring effort. We’re now at a serious tipping point in the country, where, though it’s been surprisingly peaceful despite massive unemployment, financial hardship and fear. There is rising resentment at elected officials who are keeping citizens from being free and making a living, and the peace will not last.

President Trump is hamstrung by Swamp-dwellers. Politicians who are the poster children for term limits, wicked people like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Waters, and yes, I would include Republicans like McCain if he was alive.

I’m currently reading a book on the French Revolution, and I suggest all of the do-nothing, self-interested, agitating, and in particular, Democrat politicians do the same, and remember what happened to Marie and Louis XVI. The natives are restless. The temperature is high, literally and figuratively. Summer is coming, a summer before a presidential election, the biggest and most important in our country’s history. And though we’re still divided along party lines, perhaps more than ever⏤the country is united in one thing⏤hating ‘politicians’.

America must stop electing ‘politicians’ and start electing, and demanding, that elected representatives put our interests at heart rather than their own. Politicians need to listen up and hear the tick tock: WE THE PEOPLE are taking back America, one way or another!

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