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What Epstein’s Death Means for the Future of America

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

When the news came of convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death last weekend, you could almost feel a global earthquake: shock from everyone that the most notorious international sex trafficker had been allowed enough time to do it, and a breath of relief for the ‘elites’ that would’ve inevitably been caught up in a renewed and seemingly serious investigation. But one thing more than any other is invariably true as well: there isn’t a single person on the planet who didn’t immediately think of Hillary Clinton and question her involvement in it, as evidenced by the immediate trending on Twitter of #ClintonBodyCount. Along with this flurry of emotions, likely by the ‘elites’ and the Clintons, was, and remains, a sense of outrage, that once again, justice has failed to be served; from the original and ridiculously light sentence of Epstein to the reminder that Hillary (and Bill) Clinton have never been held accountable for their many crimes.

To illustrate this sentiment being expressed widely on social media, President Trump ReTweeted a video by famous black conservative YouTuber Terrence Williams talking about the inevitable conspiracy of the shocking amount of people affiliated with the Clintons that have ended up dead, and he got immediately persecuted for it despite the fact that it was what everyone was thinking. Even if you’re not a conspiracy theorist, you’d have to be at the least skeptical at the shocking death toll associated with them. And now you had Epstein dead, or ‘Arkancided’ as the mocking term goes, on whose plane Clinton traveled 26 times, including 4 where he ditched his Secret Service detail.

Even the Left Tweeted out that his death was suspicious, although a lot of them were trying to insinuate that rather than Clinton, who’s had multiple encounters with Epstein, including on Pedo Island, that it was a conspiracy to protect President Trump! The same person who’d been recently praised by those who work to rescue sex trafficking victims, such as Jaco Booyens, (whose own sister was trafficked) as having done more than any president before him.

There is still anger among conservatives over the failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton over what were actual and obvious crimes, from destroying the private server she never should’ve had as well as her government issued Blackberries, to deleting the 33,000 official emails (as State Department), again, government (our) property, an act which would’ve landed any other government employee in prison, and which did put a Navy officer, Christian Soucier, in prison for a year. In his press conference, James Comey, FBI Director at the time, laid out in explicit detail the crimes that Hillary Clinton committed, again, which would’ve put anyone else in prison, or at least a courtroom, and then proceeded to say that no reasonable prosecutor would’ve taken the case. This happened at the same time Loretta Lynch had met with Bill Clinton on that tarmac.

There was not only something but everything fishy with it from the start. And to make matters worse, Hillary mocked the wiping of the servers and actually joked about her emails. It did hurt her in the election, thankfully, because people found her to be untrustworthy, but it showed once again that there is a two-tiered justice system, which never seems to touch either the wealthy or the well-connected. And I include people such as in that idiot case of affluenza defense as well as that monster Brock Turner among others.

The issue with Hillary Clinton is that it had been happening for so long, and with no punishment, that it has really started to erode faith in our federal law enforcement and justice system. Her craven political operations, from Arkansas to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation, to Uranium One, and then the servers, was just too much, it still is. And Benghazi is also fresh in any real patriot’s mind, knowing how despicably she lied about what happened there. If there were any justice, she would not only be prosecuted, but she and her husband would spend the rest of their lives in jail. You and I would. And under Mueller’s ‘leadership’, the same guy that figure headed the Russia Hoax probe, innocent people actually did.

So Clinton is free but people who Mueller knew were innocent, after he lied to the Massachusetts Parole Board to protect Mafia hitmen and to keep innocent men in prison (for more than 30 years!). To make matters even worse, if they can be, ‘One of the men convicted of the Deegan murder in 1968 was a World War 2 veteran named Louie Greco. Mr. Greco received two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart fighting in the Asian theater of the war.’ Mueller, himself a Vietnam Veteran, did this to a combat veteran from WWII, while he was the U.S. Attorney in Boston, protecting two crooked FBI agents. These are the arbiters of American ‘justice’. It’s not only infuriating to think of these types of people in charge of enforcing the law, but it’s terrifying. With Trump, we were supposed to get justice.

However, much the same as Rachel Madcow was on MessNBC every night promising her audience that Trump would be arrested any day now, and they just had to wait for the Mueller Report, which, like her Trump taxes hype, turned up empty, Sean Hannity has been doing the same with his on the opposite spectrum. Harping Hannity, who squawks so much as to make me anxious to listen to him, has been saying that the Russia Hoaxters such as Comey, Brennan, Clapper and their underlings are in actual legal jeopardy, and that some of them may go to jail. Both people have been saying this for the last 3 years, and as of yet, there have been no arrests. To the Left’s chargin of course, Trump, who committed no crimes, is still President and not in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, nor are his children. And to the Right’s chagrin, Ms. Bleachbit Clinton is still walking free, as are the criminals from the 7th Floor in DC, who spied on an American citizen political rival, as well as the main perpetrator of the hoax, Barack Obama. And now Epstein is dead, which means he’s not in jail either!

While we may joke about perp walking our opponents and chant ‘lock her up’ at rallies and dress up as Hillary Benghazi in stripes for Halloween, it’s actually no laughing matter, and in a just world, she and her cohorts would be in prison for what they’ve done, as well as many others, including perhaps members of Congress. And Jeffrey Epstein would STILL be in prison for an actual sentence from the first time he was incarcerated, and if he’d actually have committed suicide, it would’ve been because he was serving a sentence sufficient to his crimes. And that therein lies the fork in the road we find ourselves at in America – whether justice will prevail under the only person in Washington capable of meting it out – Trump – or do we finally descend into an actual banana republic or oligarchy, where the serfs pay the bills and the beneficiaries, even as they abuse their subjects, thrive unabated.

It is no wonder the 5 wealthiest counties in the U.S. surround Washington DC, there is a $4.1 trillion trough to feed off, all funded by the labor of the taxpayers. And the people who have direct access to the distribution of that money are influenced by the ultra-wealthy that have access to them, people like Jeffrey Epstein.

Politicians decide on multi-billion dollar contracts, from infrastructure to defense, and are funded by those who seek to direct those contracts, people for whom wining and dining is part of the deal. It’s a very lucrative career path to have access to that kind of money and power and people will do almost anything with it and anything for it, and once having obtained it, will do anything to keep it. Part of that is both ‘burying bodies’ and knowing where they are buried, figuratively speaking, though in the case of the Clintons, perhaps literally.

I believe part of the reason the establishment – on both sides of the aisle – is so freaked out by Trump’s election win is because they know that he knows where those bodies are buried, and if not, he has access to all of the maps to find them. He’s been socializing with the people in the media, Hollywood and Washington for his entire life – completely sober – and yes, he has been around unsavory people, including people like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, it was part of the business. But just because you’re in the same restaurant as a mobster doesn’t make you part of the mob. It’s when you frequent that restaurant and sit with the mobster every time that may be questionable, as Bill Clinton did so often with Epstein.

So the question becomes this: from Hillary’s emails to Spygate to the supposed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, a man whose ‘black book’ could be devastating to many very powerful people: what will President Trump do about it, whether directly or indirectly, via the Justice Department? Will Hillary (& Bill) Clinton, Comey, Clapper and Brennan et al, survive unscathed while a 3-star General and honorable man Michael Flynn continues to be hunted and Roger Stone and Paul Manafort die in prison for doing nothing even close? Will Christian Saucier have spent a year in prison for doing much less than Hillary Clinton, who not only had classified information on an unsecured server, but on the computer of her aide, whose husband was subject to blackmail for texting underage girls, yet she go unscathed?

Donald Trump was elected in part because he’s a wealthy businessman rather than a politician, but also because he was a take no prisoners, tell it like it is kind of person, completely atypical of the average politician. A man who had his own money and didn’t need to suck up to donors, and thereby do their bidding. He was also elected, perhaps even in larger part, to ‘drain the swamp’.

Americans who were sick and tired of getting hammered and lied to while the people they elected betrayed them and got away with what they never could, elected a guy with a spray tan, crazy hair and a big mouth – and gladly. Hopefully. Nervously. Prayerfully. As a sort of electoral ‘last resort’, they knew if anyone could possibly drain the swamp and change things in DC it would be him, and this was their last hope. Hillary certainly wouldn’t, she was not only as deeply entrenched in the swamp as anyone else, she’d make it even worse.

So now this trust in Trump will truly be put to the test, and the future of our country decided. Will there in fact be justice? Will people at the top of the political food chain be held as accountable as the average men and women who elect them are every day? Will an example be set to show that justice is in fact blind, and true equality more closely pursued, where a Naval petty officer and a former Secretary of State are equal under the eyes of the law? Will truths be exposed and the path set right, where faith in the most powerful institutions in the country is restored and corruption rooted out? Will Epstein’s death really be investigated, and will the information known about him and the people associated with him and his crimes of perversion really be exposed, come what may?

We shall see, and the answer to these questions may be the most lasting part of the legacy of Donald Trump’s presidency. He is but one man to be sure, and the forces are against him at every turn, even in his own camp, but it is with a skeptical but hopeful heart I pray the answer is yes, because I’m not sure the heartbreak of disappointment at yet another broken promise by a politician is something an already fractured nation can endure. God Help us.

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